Club Spotlight: Student Athletic Training Organization

Past Student Athletic Training Organization members. Photo from Sacred Heart University official website.
Past Student Athletic Training Organization members. Photo from Sacred Heart University official website.

By Fallon Bevino

Staff Reporter

The Student Athletic Training Organization (SATO) is compiled of all Sacred Heart University’s students majoring in Athletic Training. SATO is a club that serves to benefit athletic training students by uniting them, while also helping them grow and learn together.

The president of SATO is senior athletic training major, Natalie Hunt, who expressed her love and gratitude for the club and program that helped shape her into the rising-athletic trainer she is today.

“The club unifies us all. It brings us all together in one place, which creates a great environment to grow and learn in,” said Hunt.

All students who are declared athletic training majors are a part of SATO. SATO also serves as a liaison between athletic training professors and the club members. Professors share material and important class topics with the club, and they are then discussed at the meetings.

“CLA’s (Classroom Learning Assistant) attend the meetings and are there to help any student who needs it. It’s also a good time to share cool and interesting experiences students have during their clinical rotations,” said Hunt.

SATO benefits all of its students differently, especially helping the younger students finding their footing and teaching them the ropes of athletic training. By bringing all athletic training students together, the club gives each student the chance to share their knowledge, learn from others, and grow and build off of each other.

“The club helped me form relationships and learn things I wouldn’t have learned about the field and the Athletic Training major as a whole,” said sophomore Alycia Daniels.

SATO meetings take place once a month on a Wednesday at 10:10 p.m. in the Humanities Center. Meetings can consist of a wide variety of topics ranging from class material to even brainstorming fundraising ideas.

The club holds fundraisers at places like Chipotle and Moe’s, and is looking to hold a new fundraiser called massage night. Massage night will consist of the club members offering their services and giving athletic training massages at a price.

Each year SATO sends some of its members to the Eastern Athletic Trainers Association, also referred to as EATA. In early January of this year, Hunt and six other seniors attended the conference held in Philadelphia.

In addition to fundraising, SATO also spends time volunteering and giving back to the community. Every year, the club participates in and volunteers at the Multiple Sclerosis Walk that takes place at Jennings Beach, located in Fairfield. This year the walk will be held on April 22.

Another reason the club fundraises is to fund the Patrick McCaughey scholarship. Each year the scholarship is given to a senior in SATO who plans to further their education in athletic training and eventually become certified. The scholarship was created in memory of Sacred Heart alumni and athletic trainer who passed away suddenly at 31 years old.

“I’ve been in the club for three years and it’s been a great experience,” said Hunt.

Coming up on National Athletic Training Month in March, SATO plans to give back to their preceptors and show those who help them grow and learn how much they appreciate them and their efforts. SATO members work closely with the Sacred Heart athletic training room, along with other local high schools.

SATO looks to continue to build its students and help them excel for years to come. For the latest information regarding SATO and their upcoming fundraisers, follow them on Instagram at @SHU_athletictraining.

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