Dead’s at Red’s: The Highlights

By Diana Lento

Staff Reporter

Where else could you find a dancing pumpkin man enjoying a drink with a nerd, a lumberjack, and a priest?

Only at Dead’s for Halloween, of course.

On Oct.26, Red’s Pub transformed itself into Dead’s-a spooky place for people dressed in costumes to celebrate Halloween.

Dead’s was heavily decorated to contribute to its spooky theme, and to celebrate the Halloween season with Sacred Heart students.

Some decorations included: spider webs hanging from the ceiling, the assortment of plastic bugs, and a skeleton sitting at the bar made to look like he was having a drink. In addition, the televisions in Red’s had animations of different pictures that turned into monsters. The tables were also littered with a various assortment of candy.

Many students above the age of 21 have been very excited about Dead’s at Red’s, and have been planning their creative costumes to compete for the costume contests, which included a variety of prizes.

There were various categories for the costume contest.

The categories included “Best Group,” “Best Female,” “Best Male,” “Best Couple,” and “Most Original.”   

The winners for “Best Group,” were seniors Hannah O’Brien, Molly Cristofoletti, and Gabby Fernandes. They were dressed as the three witches from “Hocus Pocus.”

“My best friends have blonde and brown hair, and I have red hair,” said Fernandes. “We were looking for famous trios, when we came across ‘Hocus Pocus’ and thought it was genius.”

To get into character, the trio watched the movie “Hocus Pocus,” before heading to Red’s.

“We watched it while we got ready so that we could brush up on our spells. Gabby and Molly’s hair came out perfectly, which got us pumped up for the night,” said O’Brien.

The winner for “Best Male” was Connor Cunningham, who dressed as a Sacred Heart dad.

The winner for “Best Female” was senior Keara Kirk, who dressed as the woman pictured on the Morton Salt container.

The winners for “Best Couple” were Henry Santarpio and Haley Erwin, who dressed as Harry Potter and the Golden Snitch.

The winners for “Most Original” were seniors Christina Kitakis and Lauren Kelly, who were dressed as “The Dress.” “The Dress,” being the the overdebated topic of, “Are you team blue and black, or white and gold?”

“We chose this costume on a whim,” said Kelly. “Christina sent it to me the morning of, after she Googled ‘BFF Halloween costume ideas.’”

Keara Kirk, who won the “Best Female” Costume, didn’t take a lot of time to decide on her costume.

“I was sitting at the kitchen table when I looked at the salt container. As a joke, I said ‘I’m just gonna be this girl since I love salt, and love yellow, and I already have yellow shoes.’ Next thing I knew, I found myself ordering a yellow dress off of Amazon Prime to get here in time for Halloween at Reds.”

Other students put careful thought and effort into their costumes as well.

“I dressed up as a priest, and I borrowed the Bible from Sacred Heart’s library,” said senior Jim Parker. “I also acted the part, in that I said a few ‘Our Fathers,’ and invited everyone to church.”

The event was filled with more music and more people than a typical night at Red’s.

Dead’s was also a way for upperclassmen to celebrateone of their last Halloweens in college together.

“People were more sociable at Dead’s because they were commenting on each others costumes, and it was a lot more interactive than normal,” said senior, Chris Tomassi. “Normally a typical night at Red’s is just a place to hang out with your friends.”

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