Food Review: Wings Over Fairfield

By Christina DiMauro

Features Editor

Wings Over Fairfield, a popular chicken wing franchise recently opened in Fairfield, Connecticut, this August.

The fast-food chain is located on Black Rock Turnpike and they provide eat-in, takeout and delivery.

If the name doesn’t speak for itself, the restaurant specializes in chicken wings.

Wings Over Fairfield boasts 23 different flavors of sauces, including 5 different types of buffalo sauces.

The place isn’t very big and reminds me of a Chinese takeout place, but still offers tables for sitting. Pictures of chicken wings are also hung on the walls, completing the chicken-wing atmosphere.

My friends and I ended up going on a Tuesday night and it wasn’t very busy. None of us had been there before so we ended up talking to the workers to see what flavors and wings they recommended for us.

The staff was very nice and had a lot of things to say about the wings and all the different flavors. They were more than willing to answer any of our questions and let us test out any of the flavored sauces before ordering.

There is a lot offered on the menu but I found that ordering a combo pack would be the best deal for the amount of food I was going to get.

Wings Over Fairfield prices their boneless wings by weight and not by each separate piece, so a DC-3 is a half-pound of wings, and the largest, The Zeppelin, is 6 pounds of wings.

I also was surprised by the variety offered on the menu. Aside from chicken wings they also offer ribs, sandwiches and salads. They also offer an assortment of milkshake flavors.

I ended up ordering the Hang Glider, which is an order of DC-3 wings, regular French fries and a can of soda, and it only cost $9.99.

My friends and I all ended up getting different flavors so we could try each other’s. I went with Honey Bar-B-Que, and my friends got Garlic Parmesan and “Jet Fuel.” “Jet Fuel” is a number four on the buffalo style sauces, there is only one sauce hotter than that one, “Afterburner”.

After we ordered, my friends and I sat down at one of the tables. We were the only ones who were sitting down the entire time we were there. Everyone else coming through the door must have ordered online or over the phone because they were coming to pick-up and then leaving.

After about a 10-minute wait the worker that took our order brought our three meals. The wings and fries were already in to-go boxes, but we were going to eat at the restaurant.

It was a messy dinner, but it was delicious. The boneless wings were full of flavor and I really liked the Honey Bar-B-Que sauce. I got to try a piece of the Garlic Parmesan as well and those had a good quality taste. However, I don’t really care for buffalo, so I didn’t try “Jet Fuel,” but it smelled hot. My friend really enjoyed them.

I ended up leaving with some food leftover. The combo meal was the best idea for the amount of hunger I had.

Overall, I would recommend these wings to anyone in the area. My friends and I enjoyed our entire experience. We already agreed we are going to go back and try different sauces next time, maybe next time we’ll have them delivered.

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