From Campus to Closing: Inside the Real Estate Club

One of the new clubs created this past fall semester was the Real Estate Club.

“The purpose of this club is to create a platform for like-minded individuals to get together, network, conversate, become friends, and learn about real estate,” said junior Zachary Braca, President, and Founder of the Real Estate Club.

Braca is the class president for the junior class as well as a full-time realtor in Connecticut. He founded the club during the fall 2023 semester. They now have over 100 members.

According to their LinkedIn, the club’s mission is to provide an immersive learning experience, foster innovation, and facilitate connections with industry experts, alumni, and peers.
The most recent event they held was connecting students with Richard Zavlyanov, a New York City multi-million- dollar investor and developer, who spoke to students within the club about his journey and experience in real estate.

“He was so inspiring, and he’s in his twenties. It just goes to show that anything is possible if you put your mind towards something and that’s what I want people to get out of this club,” said Braca.

Another event they held was a property tour of a Sacred Heart rental. The investor bought the house, fixed it up, and added an extra bedroom and bathroom. Students were able to see how it was financed and how the deal came together.

“Real estate is a lot about instinct too as well as the numbers. You have to get a feel of the space. If you don’t feel it and know something is going to cashflow, it just won’t work,” Braca said. “You’re not going to learn that in class, you’re going to know that by doing.”

The club is open to students of all majors and grade levels and is dedicated to nurturing a community of students and professionals who share a passion for real estate.

“I wanted to be a part of this club because I wanted to show other students that you don’t have to be a business major,” said Vice President, founder, and junior Bianca Fossile, who is an education major on campus. “We thought this would be a perfect club for students to get internships and networking because we all have so many connections. Just by going to the meetings, you’re able to meet with students that have those connections.”

Junior Reagan Gromko, Marketing Lead and founder, manages all of the club’s social media such as Instagram and LinkedIn. She makes the flyers, sends them out, and advertises all the events.

“When we first started the club, we were just thinking about real estate, but we wanted to push it out to so many other different topics. We talk about the commercial aspect, development, sales, and investment,” said Gromko.

When approaching the dean about starting the Real Estate Club, Braca had a conversation about starting a Real Estate minor and if there is enough engagement and involvement, it can evolve into a major.

“My first meeting with the dean I said I want to start a real estate club and not only that, we are behind the eight ball,” said Braca. “We need to have a real estate program.”

Braca emphasizes the importance that being a college student is the best time to take risks.

“I see the vision when some people don’t,” said Braca. “Real estate isn’t a back up, it’s plan A.”

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