Girl Gains Lifting

The Sacred Heart Girl Gains Lifting club’s goal is to positively encourage female weightlifting to help women feel strong and empowered.

You can be at any level in the gym, whether that’s beginner or advanced. All levels of fitness journeys are encouraged.

“No experience needed to join, we’re open to anyone interested in lifting or living a healthy lifestyle and/or that wants to learn,” said senior Jordan Italia, a member of the club.

likThe club has created a judgment free environment.

“My favorite thing about Girl Gains is that we have established an extremely positive community of empowering individuals that support each other through their fitness journeys,” said senior Gabriella Sarmento, president of the club. “We have girls that are extremely experienced and more than willing to help guide the girls that may just be starting out, thus creating a less intimidating process.”

The club is all about girls encouraging each other to lead a healthier and stronger lifestyle.

“In our club, we educate girls about lifting and nutrition, we want to motivate girls to get in the gym and feel comfortable doing so. Girl Gains was created to provide women

of all backgrounds and fitness levels with community, resources and confidence,” said Italia.

The Girl Gains Lifting club has multiple events for potential members to meet friends that share the same interests.

“We also have systems that pair up club members to get to know each other more, workout with, motivate each other, share meal plans/nutrition goals, and more,” said Sarmento.

The club also does a series of events and activities that encourage fitness, whether that’s a guided fitness class, or an outdoor walk to get to know other club members.

“We already had our first event which was a hike to get to know each other more and get some exercise,” said Italia.

The club also hosts educational informational presentations led by Certified Personal Trainers (CPTs), nutritionists, and dietitians to help members be more educated in health.

“We have guest speakers that share their insight and tools for successandallmembersarewelcome to these events,” said Sarmento.

To join the Girls Gains Lifting club, students can visit their Instagram, @shugirlgains and click the link in their bio to sign up. The club meets in HC202 every other week at 8 p.m.

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