Introducing Devon Kemp: The New Campus Minister

By Kelly Gilbert

Staff Reporter

Sacred Heart University has hired a new campus minister, Devon Kemp. She has decided to dedicate her passion for life and spirit to the Sacred Heart community.

Kemp felt that from a young age she had a calling to incorporate the values and ideas she had learned through religion and use it to help others.

“This is exactly what I want to be doing. There is a reason why I was involved for so many years in the church. It was something I never thought about.Something I never really put together until it was in front of my face,” said Kemp.

One of the ways Kemp was molded into the vibrant and enthusiastic woman she is today was by attending church each Sunday with her family and being a member of her church’s youth group.

“I grew up in the Catholic church. My parents took me to mass every Sunday. I was always really involved. All of my best friends were in the youth group, so it has always been a natural thing,” said Kemp.

She spent her undergraduate years at Angelo State University where she earned a degree in psychology.

She joined the Catholics Student’s Center and went on to become the president of the organization.

After graduating, she found herself speaking with her mentor from home. A priest suggested that she look further into a program that would place her in a ministry position, while simultaneously giving her a degree.

She later attended Boston College to earn her Masters degree in pastoral ministry.

Now that she has chosen to pursue her career in ministry at Sacred Heart, she is eager to better familiarize herself with students and faculty.

“Sacred Heart University is filled with some of the kindest people I have ever met.  It really feels like home. Students, faculty, and staff have made it feel that way. It has been perfect so far,” said Kemp.

Kemp said that taking on this position could be somewhat intimidating because of her age and her gender.

“It’s a little daunting because the catholic church is an institution that’s traditionally been governed by only men, but I want to break down all those walls, ” said Kemp.

One of the biggest points she hopes to emphasize to students is that she wants to act as a mentor and friend in whatever area they need.

“I want people to know that I’m here for them. I’m obviously a minister but I also want to be a confidant, a mentor, and a friend,” said Kemp.

Staff members who are already familiar with Kemp are confident that she will be a positive addition to Campus Ministry.

“I am very excited about Devon joining our campus ministry team. Devon brings experience, energy and a prayerfulnes that will enrich our ministry to the Sacred Heart University community,” said the Executive Director of Campus Ministry Larry Caroll.

Kemp has already made an impact on the students involved in campus ministry during the short amount of time that she has been here.

“It feels like she’s been here for a while. She’s awesome and she fits in well here,” said sophomore Brenda Capuano, a member of campus ministry.

She is planning on going above and beyond with what her job requires of her. Supporting and connecting with students is her main goal.

“My door is always open to anyone,” said Kemp.

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