“Legends of Fear” Haunted House

Heart racing, palms sweating, mouth clenching, and jumping at the word “BOO!” all may be some of the many reactions one may have walking through a haunted house this Halloween season. “Legends of Fear” Haunted House located in Shelton, Conn. offers various attractions and experiences during the Halloween season.

Starting Oct. 1, the haunted house opened for the season. Friday and Saturday hours start at 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. Sunday hours are from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The Haunted House will remain open until Nov. 6 for those who won’t be able to experience it prior to Halloween.

Freshman Zachary Foust-Clark and senior Andrea Toth are two students at Sacred Heart University who work at “Legends of Fear.”

Foust-Clark has been an employee at the haunted house for the past four years and is knowledgable about the “Legends of Fear” experience.

“‘Legends of Fear’ has two attractions. The first and the oldest is actually the hayride. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the hayride, so they really went all out and tried to make the hayride really special this year,” said Foust-Clark.

There are also other attractions offered at “Legends of Fear.”

“‘Legends of Fear’ also has the Hallow Trail, where I work! It features different areas including the ‘Melon Head Revenge Trail,’ ‘Haunted Hemlock Manor,’ ‘Pine Hills Parish,’ ‘The Dark Harvest,’ and the ‘Funhouse of Fear,’” said Toth.

Toth also included other experiences at “Legends of Fear” that go beyond the trail or hayride.

“They also have bonfires, a snack stand, photo ops and a merchandise shop,” said Toth.

In addition to this, “Legends of Fear” offers opportunities for those who would like to visit the farm but aren’t interested in being spooked.

“They also have spooky light nights where there are no actors and customers can come and enjoy the trail without any scare actors on Thursdays from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m,” said Foust-Clark.

When working a unique job like this, there are sure to be many memorable moments.

“When I was working in the dollhouse, I would contort myself up on a stage into a backbend while lunging out at guests,” said Toth. “One time, a few tough-looking men came through the dollhouse and saw me contort down to their eye level. They got so frightened that they ran out of the house and started screaming like crazy!”

Foust-Clark mentioned his appreciation for his job at “Legends of Fear.”

“With all the ups and downs that come with this job, I can still safely say I love working there to this day,” said Foust-Clark. “Each night is a new chance to get a really good scare on someone and each year you get a new part and a whole new role!”

Toth also shared her passion for her job at the haunted house.

“I love working at ‘Legends of Fear,’” said Toth. “Not only do you make amazing friendships with people of all ages, but you get to dress up every weekend, which makes it feel like every day is Halloween!”

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