A Heartfelt Impact: Social Work Club

The Social Work Club (SWC) is one of many student-operated and led clubs at Sacred Heart University (SHU). 

The club’s mission statement includes “dismantling and resisting all forms of social inequality, 

specifically as it relates to social work practice,” according to SHU Engage. 

A large focus of the club is mentorship and networking within social work and other professions 

with the goal of advancing the rights of all human beings, especially those belonging to vulnerable populations. 

All students are welcome and encouraged to join who are looking to work towards a common 

good and advocate for vulnerable populations. 

“In addition to social work majors, we have a lot of members who are studying criminal justice 

and psychology,” said junior Shannon Keenan. 

Newer members are paired and guided by older or seasoned members upholding the mentorship 

focus of the program. 

“The way I got involved is as a sophomore, I was taking two classes, and my advisor put me in 

contact with one of the upperclassmen,” said senior Kayla Goncalves, Vice President of the SWC. 

Goncalves was then able to connect with other members of the club and eventually, at the end 

of the year, she applied to be on the club’s executive board. 

The club meets bi-weekly on Mondays at 7 p.m. HC110 Main Academic Building. 

The club’s activities extend beyond the confines of academia, actively engaging in mentoring 

programs for fellow students and organizing community service initiatives. Through these 

endeavors, the Social Work Club not only educates but also embodies the values of compassion, 

empathy, and service to humanity. 

“Each meeting we present a topic that is of interest to the members present at the time,” said 

senior Kimberly Thorme, Fundraising Chair. 

Thorme’s role includes setting up fundraising events with local businesses. In the past, they 

have worked with JBC Bagels, and The Granola Bar to raise money for the club. 

Members share assignments within their social work classes, collectively strategizing on 

optimal ways to support one another. They help fellow club members who may have concerns or 

worries about anything. 

“Being able to share experiences, give advice on internships, regarding placements and 

application tips helped ‘alleviate stress,’” said Kennan. 

The SWC hosts table times outside of 63’s in the Main Academic Building. 

During mental health awareness week, the club handed out free stress balls, stickers, and candy 

to anyone who was walking by and wanted one. 

“We’re going to dive into more Social Justice Week topics, because we will be doing a lot with 

Social Justice Week in March,” Goncalves said. 

A diverse array of speakers and events are provided to members who share insights and 

perspectives of the profession. 

Kennan said, “I enjoy having a club on campus that promotes mental health awareness and 

self-care. The Instagram account shares inspirational quotes and positive messages all the time, 

which is a nice reminder amid a chaotic semester.” 

Dedicated to addressing and raising awareness about social issues, the Social Work Club serves 

as a platform for meaningful discussions on the multifaceted aspects of social work. 

“I love my major and being able to talk with people who feel the same way as me and being 

able to spread the word and joy of the SWC all throughout SHU’s campus,” Goncalves said. 

Students who are interested in joining the club can stop by during table times and talk to club 

members, or follow the club’s Instagram, @shusocialworkclub.

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