LinkedIn Adding New Features

Student logging onto their LinkedIn profile. Photo by Hannah O'Brien/Spectrum
Student logging onto their LinkedIn profile. Photo by Hannah O’Brien/Spectrum

By Hannah O’Brien

Staff Reporter

This past June, Microsoft had bought LinkedIn for $26 billion dollars. With Microsoft’s recent acquisition, there are hopes of adding Microsoft features to this social networking company.

LinkedIn was established for the use of creating a professional identity to show to the online world of businesses and companies. Microsoft sealing this billion dollar deal is expected to exceed the previous ways that LinkedIn members used to stay connected.

Features that will be added are Office 365, Yammer, Skype and the calendar app Sunrise. With LinkedIn being the world’s largest professional network, the addition of Microsoft’s applications will hopefully widen the usage of LinkedIn for its users.

“I really enjoy it,” said senior Allison Gibbons. “It allows me to promote my resume to several parties, as opposed to individually contacting people whom may never answer.”

As for other students, LinkedIn was not as widely used.

“I’ve heard of it, but really never thought about using it. Definitely in the future though I’ll be making an account,” said junior Gabrielle Fernandes.

The use of LinkedIn can allow students to connect with people, but sometimes it is for the sake of finding a job or internship.

“I primarily use LinkedIn as a means of making personal connections rather than business opportunities, so I’m neutral on the matter, but within every company it appears that upgrading resources to stay contemporary is always beneficial,” said Gibbons.

Established in 2002, this platform has adapted to the digital world everyone lives in.

“By taking control of your own brand and image in a social platform, LinkedIn has successfully combined the social media Americans love to stay engaged to, with the necessity for always being an advocate for oneself,” said Director of Career Placement Rob Coloney.

With LinkedIn, a beginner user shapes their profile in the way that they want to be professionally portrayed. Users create and upload a profile picture, while also filling out information that will help shape the user’s professional identity. LinkedIn, using the data provided by the user, will suggest people to link up with based on career paths and former colleagues and classmates.

“LinkedIn is the single greatest tool to start a job search, other than one’s resume. It allows for a cohesive approach to seeking out industry experts for advice, advocacy and assistance,” said Coloney.

LinkedIn technology includes recruitment features, and data about companies and individual professionals. It also uses Lynda, where training tools can be found. The applications Microsoft has acquired seems that it will fit in with what LinkedIn is already working with.

“I feel that these additions will either be overlooked or tremendous with no real middle ground,” said Coloney. “I am excited to learn them and assess for myself.”

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