My Cousin: “Quarantine Cutie” from TikTok

By Kristen Cignarella
Staff Reporter

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, many people have been required to stay home at all times, twiddling their thumbs, trying to pass the time, wondering what to do with this unfortunate, miserable free time.

As for myself, I have been quarantined for about a week and it has been dreadful. To raise my spirits, I have been going outside for walks and runs as much as I can. Also, I have been viewing a lot of social media. Scrolling through Instagram, viewing YouTube, binge-watching Netflix and laughing at the silliness of TikTok.

However, I felt that I was still sad as I yearned for my education, friends and relatives. I knew the social media wasn’t helping, and wondered what else there is to do to cope. My answer rang clear on one Sunday evening when a particular video sprung up into my messages — another TikTok video, to be exact. When I saw it, it made me giddy.

My cousin Tori Cignarella’s TikTok video went viral and she became famous overnight. The video is titled “Quarantined Cutie” and features my cousin dancing on the rooftop of her Brooklyn apartment. While minding her own business, NYC photographer Jeremy Cohen saw her on a balcony across the way and waved at her. He then proceeded to make a romantic gesture; he took a drone, put his number on it and flew it out to her. Tori accepted his number, and the two have been in touch ever since.

Cohen uploaded two different videos featuring my cousin under the name “Quarantine Cutie” onto TikTok. The original, Part 1 has 28.7 million views. Part 2 has 9.3 million.

“It has been a little overwhelming, but I am happy to be part of something that is shining a light on such a scary, unprecedented time,” said my cousin.

She definitely has. Overall, this viral phenomenon has really helped me get through this pandemic. Seeing my cousin get swept off her feet in the cheesiest and sweetest way really did make me the happiest.

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