The Nokia 3310 is Back

Arto Nummela shows the new re-launched Nokia 3310. Photo by Emilio Morenatti/AP Photo.

By Anna Finn

Staff Reporter

The Nokia 3310 was first launched 17 years ago. However, Nokia brought the phone back on March 10 with new features and advanced technology.

When it was first released in 2000 the phone had limited features.

According to their website, now the phone features month long lasting battery, four color option, Snake the game, 2MP camera with a LED flash, up to 22 hours talk time, and much more.

“It looks very hard to text on and it’s a waste of time and money; no one will buy it or switch to it because it is taking a step down from the technology we have on our phones now,” said sophomore Bridget Adams.

One major difference that the Nokia 3310 has from all of the phones that are currently on the market is that it will be using 2G connectivity for calling and texting rather than 3G and 4G.

The phone comes in four colors, ‘warm red,’ yellow, dark blue and grey.

“This phone is not a good idea and is not physically appealing,” said sophomore Olivia Mittleman. “Why would I switch to something that will download things slower and also have slower access to my data and applications? We have higher tech phones than that now, I’m not going to downgrade my phone.”

Some students think that those who buy it aren’t necessarily using it for practical reasons.

“People will maybe buy it as a joke but not actually use it. They won’t give up all the functions of a real smart phone that they have now,” said sophomore Jake Wilson.

While Nokia revamped the phone by providing a camera, most smartphones today also feature a camera that is of higher quality.

“I just got the iPhone7 Plus and the portrait mode on it is unbelievable. I would never give up this phone for the Nokia 3310,” said sophomore Olivia Lehane.

According to, the Nokia 3310 is at a starting price of around $52.

“I have two younger siblings and I think the phone is a good idea for kids that are in middle school who aren’t responsible enough to have smart phones with touch screens that easily break. Those phones are too expensive for a kid to have,” said sophomore Carrie Speicher. “This new Nokia phone is a great price being that it’s a simple version of a smart phone but still has similar technology with using the internet and data, it’s just not as advanced.”

The company has made updates to the phone so it could be sold competitively within the current cell phone market.

“With today’s society of everyone wanting to be different, this phone could potentially do well and sell, who knows honestly,” said Lehane.

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