New Hockey Rink: What’s On the Menu?

The Martire Family Arena has officially been open since Jan. 14. With the excitement of the new arena comes the excitement for all the food that is purchasable to fans and students.

The arena offers some of the classic game day snacks as well as some options exclusive to the arena.

“We offer Neapolitan style pizza, Nathan hot dogs, chicken tenders and fries, popcorn, and some of our SHU signature items from campus. For example, we offer the SHU burger from JP’s as well as the Nashville chicken sandwich,” said David Garcia, Sacred Heart’s Executive Chef.

Out of all the food selections they serve at the Martire Family Arena, there are some options that are the fan favorites.

“The most popular items bought by fans at the Martire Family Arena has to be either the chicken tenders and fries or our Neapolitan style pizza,” said Garcia. “My personal favorite is the Neapolitan pizza.”

Freshman Ben Lemos always chooses the chicken tenders at the games. “The batter on the chicken tenders is what makes them so delicious,” said Lemos. “Overall, I would rate the chicken tenders a 10 out of 10.”

The arena also offers gluten-free options to those who may have an allergy to gluten.

“We offer popcorn that is gluten-free and our Philly steak meat can be served without a bun to individuals who may prefer that or have an allergy,” said Garcia.

The Martire Family Arena food concession stands opened for the first time on Jan.14 in accordance with the men’s hockey opening game at the arena.

As of now The Martire Family Arena food concession stands are only open for operation during Sacred Heart University hockey games.

“We open an hour before the game start time and close mid-3rd period,” said Garcia.

Senior Nicole Uttaro tells us a little about her experience with ordering food at the Martire Family Arena.

“Every time I’ve visited the Martire Family Arena for a men’s hockey game it has been extremely crowded,” said Uttaro. “The lines to order food are very long but move fairly fast. When I ordered my food, the staff was extremely polite and the food was ready in a reasonable amount of time.”

Be on the lookout for new items coming to the Martire Family Arena food concession stands. “We have buckets and mini hockey helmet serving dishes coming in with the pioneer hockey logo on it,” said Garcia.

If you are interested in checking out and trying the arena food selection for yourself visit the Martire Family Arena for the next Sacred Heart University men’s hockey game Saturday, Feb. 25 at 7 p.m.

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