New Moo-phoria From Ben & Jerry’s

By Audrey Niblo

Staff Reporter

Do you love Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? Do you feel guilt every time you eat the ice cream? Well, you are in luck because the ice cream company has come out with a new ‘light’ ice cream in several different flavors.

In a new venture, the company has joined the ranks of Halo Top, Breyers Light and Turkey Hill Light to meet the demands of their consumer base.

Other low-calorie ice cream competitors sit well above Ben & Jerry’s, with their calorie ranges running from 200 to approximately 330 calories. The only other competitor that comes close to Ben and Jerry’s in calorie count is Turkey Hill.

“Why change something that is already good? It is nice that they are adding something new,” said senior Daniela Dessi.

In an age where staying healthy is of high importance, ‘light’ ice cream is a welcome alternative to the high in calorie and additive normalcies that line grocery store freezers these days.

“Ben & Jerry’s light ice cream? Ew,” said junior Gloria Perkins.

The company is known for offering a variety of ice cream flavors and creating new products to sell to consumers.

Just last year, Ben & Jerry’s announced the Pint Slices, their alternative to an ice cream sandwich.

“I would buy any Ben & Jerry’s ice cream,” said sophomore Jaqueline Toback.

The company is also known for its ice creams being laden with bits and pieces of cookie, brownie, or any other decadent treat you may desire, mixed in with either chocolate or vanilla flavor.

“All of their ice cream is amazing,” said freshman Mariah Concannon.

In the three-flavor line that Ben & Jerry’s has released, consisting of Chocolate Milk and Cookies, P.B. Dough and Caramel Cookie fix, the ice cream giant delivers on most of the same goodness expected out of a normal pint.

The big difference between a regular pint and a light pint, is the calorie count. It has most of the same ingredients as your average carton of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, the only difference is that when it comes to Ben and Jerry’s light, it’s 140 calories per serving, while the regular carton runs upwards of 200 calories per serving.

“I would be willing to try their new ice cream,” said senior Alyxandra Bailey. “I love having a chunky ice cream, but I often find myself buying products like Halo Top or Arctic Zero because of the health factors.”

According to the Ben & Jerry’s press release, “We stayed away from sugar substitutes and sugar alcohols.”

By avoiding the use of particular ingredients, the company demonstrates a motivation to provide an honest product for all of their customers.

According to a review from,” The textures of the chocolate and vanilla ice cream bases are not as creamy as regular ice cream, so when they melt, they do so cleaner and quicker. As for their flavor, the chocolate one tastes like full-fat Ben & Jerry’s chocolate ice cream, but not with the same punch. The vanilla one is somewhat lacking in flavor.”

If you were expecting for this new line to taste just like the standard fare that Ben & Jerry’s has had for years, this may not be for you.

A review from said,” Ben & Jerry’s Moo-phoria is a strong launch for fans of the brand who frequently avoid it for its high fat and calorie count. All three pints are in the same tier, and each has different strengths: P.B Dough has the best mix-in, Caramel Cookie Fix has the most mix-ins, and Chocolate Milk & Cookies has the most variety.”

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