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This past month, Sacred Heart University held their annual sorority recruitment weekend which is typically made up of seven greek life organizations. This year, however, the recruitment process included an additional sorority, Tri Delta, which is new to the university this fall semester.

“Tri Delta was founded in 1888, at Boston University, as a society that shall be kind alike to all,” said Chapter Development Consultant Katelyn Wobken. “Today, Tri Delta is an assembly of women with shared values where you can be yourself and belong to something bigger.”

With Tri Delta’s 142nd chapter now on the Sacred Heart campus, they have found ways in which their core values align with that of the university’s.

“We take a three dimensional approach to serving and developing our members. First as students, second as members and third as women and leaders,” said Wobken. “These are in direct complement to Sacred Heart’s principles of leadership, involvement and diversity.”

Tri Delta also prides itself on welcoming and empowering young women.

“I rushed Tri Delta because of their mission to welcome every woman as she is and their dedication to uplifting women,” said sophomore Toni Young.

Many women on campus felt that this commitment to service and leadership as well as the welcoming nature of the other women is what drew them to rush the sorority. 

“I rushed Tri Delta so that I could have a chance to make a difference on campus,” said senior Jenna Tranquillo. “I was drawn to Tri Delta not only for the St. Jude philanthropy but also because all the consultants I talked to about rushing were extremely nice and accepting of everyone that was interested.”

In addition to emulating their core values of truth, self-sacrifice and friendship, Tri Delta is also dedicated to their philanthropic work with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  

“Since the 1940’s, members have focused on supporting charities at the local and regional levels through philanthropic and hands-on support,” said Wobken. “The founding members have already begun planning multiple philanthropic events for the fall semester.”

As a new sorority on campus there is room for a wide variety of leadership opportunities for the founding members to take advantage of.

“I am hoping to help set the standard for those who follow,” said Tranquillo. “I also hope to continue a leadership position and help others throughout their time at Sacred Heart by being a friend for all and a mentor for those who need advice during these unknown times.”

The initial focus of Tri Delta will be on their core value of friendships and creating relationships within the sorority.  These relationships will then lead to more effective communication and organization between the women.

“In Tri Delta we recognize the importance of establishing perpetual bonds to maintain lasting relationships,” said Wobken. “We believe that from these lasting relationships we can ensure our women are thoughtful and kind throughout their time as founding members.”

Currently, Tri Delta has welcomed 170 women to their organization and will continue to recruit women to soon reach 194 members.

If you are interested in learning more about Tri Delta, DM them on Instagram @shutridelta.

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