Tell Us Your Story: Jordan Velez

By Christina DiMauro

Features Editor

Senior Jordan Velez had the opportunity to work with the New England Patriots’ athletic training staff this past August.

The internship did not come easy for Velez. He began his journey last September when he applied to work for every single National Football League team.

“I looked up every team’s address and learned a little more about them,” said Velez.

After familiarizing himself more with the teams he sent out his resume and cover letter by mail to each organization.

In November of last year, Velez received an email from the Patriots’ athletic training staff stating their interest in a phone interview.

Velez set up a time to use assistant professor Julie Nolan’s office for the interview.

It wasn’t until January when Velez was on his way to the airport for his Birthright trip to Israel that he heard back from the Patriots’ staff.

“I replied that we weren’t going to be in contact for ten days,” said Velez.“They got right back in contact with me and as I waited in line at the airport I received a phone call from the Patriots.”

Velez was asked why he wanted to join the Patriots organization as an intern and he was soon offered the position.

During the month of August, Velez interned and worked daily with the athletic trainers for the Patriots.

“It was hard, long, and very tiring, but at the same time I learned so much,” said Velez.

While working with the athletic trainers, Velez had the opportunity to help with rehabilitation protocols and workouts. He also assisted in the development of treatment plans.

Velez also had the chance to fly with the team to an away game versus Detroit.

“The guys are not how I imagined. They were all extremely nice and respectful and they were actually interested in my life a little bit,” said Velez. “They asked me where I went to school and what I do. I thought it would only be business and 100% football, but they were actually very kind and very open.”

While working, Velez learned more of the lifestyle and environment of athletic training.

“If I had questions for the athletes or my superiors, everyone would give me an answer and they were always super respectful about it,” said Velez.

Velez believes his opportunity to work alongside the Patriots’ athletic trainers during preseason made the experience worth it.

“I met some amazing people. Not only the athletes, but the people I worked with were some of the smartest athletic trainers I’ve ever met,” said Velez.

As for his future and working with the NFL, Velez is still uncertain.

“I have no idea, but football is definitely an option I want to keep open,” said Velez. “I would like to work at the Olympic level, but right now I’m just trying to focus on getting through the next semester”

Although Velez may not be sure about what his future holds, he was grateful for his month-long experience with the Patriots.

“I put my best foot forward and I was lucky and blessed enough to get that opportunity,” said Velez.

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