Relying on Your Faith During Quarantine

By Deanna Reinhardt
Staff Writer

In times of such uncertainty and distress, members of society often look towards their faith for both comfort and reassurance. Here at Sacred Heart University, both the students and Campus Ministry have been relying on their faith, as well as expressing it now more than ever. 

With the dire need to self-isolate, students have found solace in having their faith to turn to. 

“Students are using their faith to get through these tough times in different ways. Some students are using prayer and believe god has a plan and will protect them,” said freshman Jenna Dimech.

Furthermore, some students feel that having the escape of prayer has soothed their anxieties surrounding the unanswerable questions that the coronavirus has posed.

“Since being self-isolated, I have found my need to pray and rely on my faith stronger than usual. It puts my mind at ease, knowing that I can place my worries into a higher power’s hands,” said sophomore Victoria Socci. 

Sacred Heart has been doing their part to provide students with virtual opportunities to engage more personally with their faith through the Campus Ministry’s efforts. Likewise, students have been encouraged to utilize other forms of online mass services. 

“Students are absolutely utilizing online mass to stay connected with their faith since churches aren’t open. Faith has definitely helped me gain strength,” said Dimech. 

For some students who regularly practice with a strong faith, this situation has only heightened their religious ties.

“I come from a very religious family, and so at the absence of mass, my family and I try to pray together every Sunday,” said sophomore Karolina Ozga. 

Additionally, some students have noticed that their peers have been taking the time to read the Bible, which has motivated them to do the same. 

“I know a bunch of people who have read the Bible more during this time, and it has made me do it too. I think faith certainly gives students more strength in times like this, and has definitely helped me,” said junior Taylor Rogan. 

Students have also taken the time to be grateful for what they have and pray for those who are sacrificing their own well-being, for that of others. 

“Even though I have always prayed, I think everyone is praying a bit more than usual to feel closer to God and to pray for those who are suffering,” said Rogan. 

“I make sure to pray for those who are ill and for the nurses and doctors who are putting their lives at risk for us to keep us all safe and help us get better,” said Ozga. 

Sacred Heart’s students seem to be turning greatly to their faith in order to cope with this unimaginable time.

“In a time so difficult to navigate and with so much uncertainty, faith seems to be the one reliable source to guide us,” said Rogan.

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