SCMA Study Abroad in Dingle

By Diana Lento

Staff Writer

The School of Communication and Media Arts (SCMA) is once again offering a program in Dingle, Ireland for the spring semester.

Dingle is a small, coastal town that features many pubs, resturants, an aquarium and beautiful green landcapes that Sacred Heart students have the oppertunity to immerse themselves in for either two weeks or a full semester.

The program offers students the opportunity to build their portfolios with hands on experience while still being able to complete their major course requirements.

“We did internships and we did side promotional videos for London and Galway. And we had an internship with the Dingle Brewery which was a massive project for them. We had the opportunity to interview the guy who owns the brewery and the brew master,” said senior Ian Baron.

Dr. Sara Ross is the head of the Dingle study abroad program for the SCMA.

The first time students went with the SCMA to Dingle was spring 2017.

“I didn’t have any close friends going on the trip, but it was pretty much my last chance to actually go so I thought why not just do it,” said senior Illaria DeAngelis. “My parents were saying to take the opportunity to go and do it and I haven’t regretted it. It was the best experience.”

The program gave students the opportunity to travel to places in Europe, such as London, England and Galway, Ireland.

“There are also other opportunities to travel on your own. For example, during spring break you could do your own thing,” said junior Eric Torrens.

Any student in the SCMA can apply to go on the semester abroad and can be involved in everything that the program has to offer.

“They can take courses like coastal ecology, which is a very hands on course where you can explore the marine environment, and there are a variety of other options for courses that people can take while they’re there,” said Ross.

Along with courses, studying abroad in Dingle gives students the opportunity to meet an array of people.

“Even though I went with very few close friends, I was able to make friends with the people in my house and the townspeople are the friendliest people you will ever meet,” said DeAngelis.

While abroad for the semester three communications courses will be offered, along with a credit internship.

“Almost all of the courses that are offered in Dingle are designed to have the hands on element so you can really interact with people and what you’re learning about,” said Ross. “The cost of going abroad is basically the equivalent of staying on campus for a semester, the tuition is the same, the room and board, there is nothing stopping you.”

If students are not interested in studying abroad for the entire semester there is also an opportunity to go abroad for two weeks.

“It was an excuse for my parents to finally go to Ireland and it turned into one of the best family vacations it allowed us to experience a new culture together,” said senior Caroline Welch. “I am glad I went even though it was only for two weeks because it allowed me to explore something completely new. If you have the chance don’t worry about missing out on things at home, because you’re experiencing so much more somewhere new.”

If students are interested in studying abroad during the winter session or the spring semester, the applications are due on October 1st.

“Go if you can go, because you will not regret it. This is the time, do it before you graduate college,” said DeAngelis.

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