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63's favorite, Sandy, enjoying her workday with her favorite Sacred Heart students. Photo by Hannah O'Brien/Spectrum.
63’s favorite, Sandy, enjoying her workday with her favorite Sacred Heart students. Photo by Hannah O’Brien/Spectrum.

By: Hannah O’Brien

Staff Reporter

For any Sacred Heart University students who have ever been to the 63s dining hall, they most likely know who Sandy is when they hear her name.

Sandy Stevenson from 63s has a memorable name for the students here at school.

For Stevenson, working at 63s was supposed to be just a side job. Now, after nine years working at the dining hall, she considers it to be much more than that.

“I love the kids,” said Stevenson. “I look at my job as it not being a job. Having access to the kids and seeing the kids smiling makes my day.”

Stevenson knows most of the members of the sports teams at Sacred Heart because of how often they go to 63s after their practices.

“I love seeing her every day,” said freshman Krissy LaSance, a player on the volleyball team. “She’s always in a good mood.”

But regardless of whether or not a student is on a sports team, almost everyone within 63s has a connection with her.

“Every time I see Sandy here in 63s, she makes me laugh,” said freshman Carly Pease.

Besides making students smile on an everyday basis, Stevenson also tries to raise student’s spirits when they may be feeling down.

“I know when the students are having a bad day,” said Stevenson. “When I see their sad faces, or when I give them a hug, that’s when I know it might have been a rough day. They hug a little harder when they’re upset. I try my best to put a smile on their faces to brighten their day.”

A smile came across each student’s face when the name Sandy was mentioned. While Stevenson would say hello to the students passing, most of them stopped to have a conversation with her.

“Sandy always looks like she’s having a good time with students,” said junior Emily Shenk, a member of the girl’s swimming and diving team. “Whenever I see her, she can make me laugh. I would say she really does bring in good positive vibes to 63s.”

Aside from Stevenson spending much of her time in 63s, she still manages to support all kinds of Sacred Heart activities and sports teams. She has been found coming into dance ensemble practices, theatre shows and sporting events.

Most recently, students who had gone to past SHU Hoops Madness, which feature the men’s and women’s basketball teams, have seen Sandy there supporting everyone as well.

She has been to almost every sport’s game at Sacred Heart, showing her dedication and love to the students. For the teams she has not seen yet, she has gotten their schedules in hopes of going to their games soon.

“I support all the sports teams here. Have you been to a SHU hockey game? Those are my favorite,” said Stevenson. “I want the kids to know I really do want to support them. I want this to feel like their home.”

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