Thankful for My Body

On Nov. 10, the Her Campus club at Sacred Heart University held an event over Zoom called “Thankful for My Body.”

The event was run by the club president, senior Jacqueline O’Rourke, who is also the Arts and Entertainment editor for The Spectrum. It was co-hosted by Amber Allen, who ran the Zumba part of the Zoom. 

The event started with music playing as people joined and O’Rourke introducing herself and the club. They then showed a video of their former Her Campus president, Nina Lauria, who explained how she now runs her own Instagram fitness account and shared some positive thoughts for the people that attended. 

“The goal was sort of two-fold. First and mainly, it was to promote physical and mental wellness, self-care and body positivity. One of the things I love about Her Campus is we are a club of women supporting women. I wanted to do something to show and share that with the whole school. This event was the result! Second, it was to get the word out about our club. I think something like this showed who we are and what we stand for better than just flagging people down at tabletTimes to join,” said O’Rourke. 

“This club is a breath of fresh air away from dreaded college essays and is a platform to write about anything that interests you, anything from food and fashion to current events and activism,” said junior Anna Bernasconi, Her Campus Treasurer. 

During the event, Allen gave many tips on self-care, winding down and being present with yourself when dealing with the global pandemic and the school semester coming to an end. She gave examples of ways to relax, including skin care, meditation and working out. 

Allen then opened up the floor to anyone who attended the event to share what helps them to find peace and reduce anxiety. Many girls such as Madison Miller, who is the editor for the club, shared that meditation is a great outlet for reducing stress. 

Overall, students thought the event was a success.

“The event was intended for anyone who wanted to join. It was open to the public and a few of the people who joined the Zoom had never even heard of our club. We wanted to do something to make Her Campus more involved in the SHU community outside of the members of our club. Actually, one person who attended ended up asking to join our club afterwards, so I think it worked,” said O’Rourke. 

After the hosts and attendees shared, the second half of the Zoom event consisted of Allen hosting a Zumba class for anyone who wanted to join. 

“The event was about self-care wellness, and body positivity,” said O’Rourke. “I think it fell at just the right time when SHU students needed all those things after a crazy and overwhelming couple of days.”

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