The Faces of SHU: Student Ambassadors

BY Olivia Digirolamo

Staff Reporter

Do you ever see the students in the red jackets and wonder who they are?

You might have seen them giving tours or helping with school events for admissions.

Those students are Sacred Heart University’s student ambassadors.

“Many times, we are one of the first impressions that potential families have of Sacred Heart,” said sophomore Anthony Smith, a student ambassador.

Student ambassadors are also responsible for giving tours to perspective students.

Student ambassadors are direct representatives of Sacred Heart. Student ambassadors conduct tours daily, facilitate open houses, and run events like Pioneer for a Day, Group Tours, and Junior Open House Day.

“Student Ambassadors represent and embody the essence of Sacred Heart University to all those who visit,” said junior Deanna Aliperti, who is also a student ambassador.

There are currently over 120 student ambassadors at Sacred Heart. These students have out-going personalities and present tremendous school spirit. The ambassadors are students who want to share their passions about Sacred Heart with others.

“The university has changed so much from when I started being an ambassador to my senior year,” said Alison Hoag, a Sacred Heart alumna. “The health care building, Bergoglio Hall, and the purchase of the GE building, created positive expansion for tours. I am proud to say I was a SHU ambassador.”

For Fall 2018, Sacred Heart admissions received the most applications ever.

With the campus growing, Sacred Heart has over 10,000 visitors per year. This growth has resulted in more events on campus,an increased social media presence, and overall campus growth.

“Every person who comes for a tour or an event hosted by admissions, brings something new to the Sacred Heart community that allows growth for our campus,” said sophomore Hannah Jones, a student ambassador.

The campus tours are meant to be personal so the ambassadors can connect with every student. The ambassadors want to find out the prospect’s interests and aspirations for college. Then, the ambassadors can show what Sacred Heart can provide for the student’s specific wants and needs.

“The student ambassadors definitely made my college decision easier because they did a good job giving myself and others in the group a general idea of what SHU is really like and what the campus has to offer,” said senior Ryan Cosner.

For the fall semester, student ambassadors facilitate five to eight open houses. There are also events in the spring for those students who have been accepted to Sacred Heart.

Any full time Sacred Heart student can be a student ambassador. However, the requirements include: completing one academic year at Sacred Heart, and having a minimum GPA of 2.75. The application was available online and one staff or faculty recommendation is needed. Usually interviews are also held.

“The student ambassadors’ most important job is to show that Sacred Heart isn’t just a university, it’s a place to call home for 4 years,” said Robert Gilmore, the Director of Campus Experience and the coordinator of the student ambassador program.

Each ambassador represents the diversity of the campus. Whether the ambassador is an athlete or involved in Greek Life, or apart of the theatre arts program, they all represent Sacred Heart as a community.

“Being a student ambassador is more than just giving tours. It’s about being pioneers today for the pioneers tomorrow,” said sophomore Carly Doorhy.

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