The Outpost Beer Garden at Sacred Heart

Written by: Brianna Milano
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In a recent post on Instagram, the Sacred Heart University Athletics account (@shubigred) announced that they had something big coming to the department of athletics.

The announcement sparked curiosity and suspense among students. A few days later, they announced via Instagram again that they were implementing The Outpost.

  The Outpost is a place where fans can get beer from various breweries, win giveaways, and get vouchers for free brewery tours. The admission to get into The Outpost is $5.

According to Sacred Heart University Pioneers website, The Outpost made its successful debut on October 27, where Stony Creek Brewery was the first of many breweries to be offered at The Outpost.

“Hearing about how Sacred Heart University added something like The Outpost makes me so excited to finally turn 21,” said junior Rachel Dufresne.

  “I love going to football games here at Sacred Heart so much, but I think implementing The Outpost will bring new excitement to home games for students and parents as well,” said sophomore Sarah Tedesco.

  The anticipation of something like a beer garden has been building for those in the athletic department.

   “We have been exploring adding this experience for our fans over the past few seasons. In studying national trends, especially in football, it has really gained momentum,” said Chris O’Connor, Senior Associate Director of Athletics and External Affairs.

  According to Sacred Heart Pioneers website, at each home game, The Outpost will feature a different local brewery and its different specialties.

   “We are always looking for ways to enhance the fan experience at all of our athletic games. We feel as the addition of The Outpost supports that goal of enhancing the positive experiences people have at our venues,” said O’Connor.

   The main goal of The Outpost is to give Sacred Heart fans a heightened experience at games.

   “Our commitment is to our students and fans to ensure that they have a safe, fun, and exceptional environment in which to cheer on the Pioneers,” said O’Connor.

  Price-wise, there has been no official statement released about how much The Outpost cost the university to create.

“At this point with The Outpost being relatively new and with two games remaining, the costs are not immediately available,” said O’Connor.

Because Sacred Heart is still missing some facilities that are needed for athletics, some students are upset about the implementation of The Outpost.

“I’m on the Division one swimming and diving team here and our whole team got really excited when shubigred posted that it had a big announcement. We have been looking forward to Sacred Heart hopefully building a pool on campus sometime soon. It was a disappointment hearing that the school decided to build a beer garden when many sports teams don’t have a place to practice,” said Grace Bergstrom a freshman nursing major

  The Athletic Department has a clear vision that their priority is to maintain fiscally responsible and to ensure a fun experience for all of Sacred Heart Pioneer fans.

“I am excited for The Outpost because it will give Sacred Heart students another place to hang out and get to know each other while being in a football and school spirit atmosphere,” said senior Nicole San Fillipo.

Students have had positive reactions so far to this implication of the beer garden.

“This makes me so much more excited to be here when I turn 21. I think The Outpost will be such a great environment for home games and students and family at Sacred Heart” said sophomore Camryn Bonetti.

  “We are excited about the opportunity to foster new traditions at Sacred Heart and hope that The Outpost encourages people to reconnect with one another throughout the fall football season, while cheering on the Pioneers,” said O’Connor.

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