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Sacred Heart University’s West Campus in Fairfield, Conn., formerly the General Electric world headquarters – photo by Tracy Deer-Mirek 1/25/17


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The new dining hall at West Campus, the Market, opened up just a few weeks ago at the start of the semester. It is a modern, colorful space that blends with the rest of West Campus, which was formally the General Electric headquarters. After Sacred Heart purchased it last year, it has been newly renovated and updated over the summer.

“The market is very unique. It wasn’t what I was expecting to see. The sandwiches are unbelievable and I really like how the dining area turned out,” said junior Sam Zietara.

West Campus is currently the home of the SHU Dance Team facilities, The Farmington College of Education, Computer Sciences, and many of the graduate programs. As the expansion and renovation of the building continues, it is predicted that more programs and students will eventually be moved into West Campus as well, given its ideal location and facilities.

“Right out of the gate, it’s pretty fantastic. Definitely a lifesaver if you forget your lunch. It’s definitely good to have something. I think it rivals the College of Health and Sciences building as far as offering healthy options. There’s definitely a lot of kale at the Market,” said Sean Kaschak, the multimedia manager in the Marketing and Communications department, whose office is located in West Campus.

The Market offers a wide variety of foods. You can start off your day with Peet’s coffee and tea, fresh fruit, and breakfast sandwiches. For lunch, they serve pressed sandwiches with clever names like the In Da Club turkey club sandwich, the Little Havana turkey and pork sandwich, the Veggie Bomb panini with hummus and cucumbers, and many more.

“My favorite food to order at the Market is the bacon, egg and cheese wrap,” said Lisa Mourao, who works at the Market.

To go with the sandwiches, the Market serves specialty juices such as the Orange Crush, Green Machine, and Pucker Up lemonade, as well as all different types of bottled drinks. Whether you’re looking for salty or sweet, the Market probably has what you’re looking for, from bags of chips to a wide variety of candy.

“They offer so many different selections, everything from sandwiches to snacks, if you’re in a rush,” said Zietara. “It’s like a combination of Einstein’s and Outtakes – my favorite two dining halls. I think many students will be pleasantly surprised.”

What makes the Market unique as opposed to other dining halls on campus is that it will soon be open 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday. While the coffee and handmade sandwich station closes at 5:00 PM, the snacks, drinks, fruit, and grocery will be available for purchase any time of day or night. Students will have the ability to check themselves out with their SHU card and credit card, with camera surveillance to prevent theft. This option is not currently available anywhere else on campus, so it could be hugely beneficial for students who tend to study at night or attend late classes.

“Once they get into the routine of customers and figuring out their inventory, what’s popular and what’s not, I think it’s going to be a hoppin’ place,” said Kaschak. “The sandwiches are really good. However, once they get into the flow of things, they’ll probably want to reassess some of their pricing.”

The Market is located on the third floor of West Campus, and it’s main operating hours are 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

“I love coming in every morning and setting up,” said Mourao. “I love making the students and faculty happy. Also, having the food fresh every day is a plus.”

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