Who Writes the World? Girls!

HerCampus (HC) is an online magazine that allows college women to write articles with a woman’s perspective on a range of topics from news, style, beauty to more serious topics such as politics.

While HC originated at Harvard University, there are currently 380 college campuses all around the world with a chapter at their university.

Sacred Heart University’s chapter for HC began in 2011, where women were able to write about any topic they were interested in.

“I think HerCampus is really cool because it’s a club that’s by women for women,” said senior Sam Stasko.

One of their most recent events was a sand art and sip event that helped promote HC at the university and raise awareness of the purpose and intentions of HC.

Junior Erin Dunn currently holds two positions on HC’s E-board and has been an active member since her freshman year. Dunn is the social media chair and the senior editor for the university’s chapter.

“HC is more than a magazine, it’s a community; it serves to empower women and give them the opportunity to express themselves in a positive atmosphere of learning and exploration,” said Dunn.

As senior editor, Dunn has the final review of each article before it’s approved for publication.
There are many chapter members at the university, and they consist of women with various majors, career aspirations, and interests.

“The beauty of HC is that there are a lot of members who are interested in journalism and HC gives them experience to write about anything they are interested in,” said senior and HC President Briella Novello.

HC gives their writers creative freedom to write about whatever topic they are interested in and in their own voice and style unlike an academic setting that has stricter guidelines.

HerCampus allows female students to openly talk and give their opinions in the articles they publish.

“No matter what role they had in HC, each member made an impact with every idea or article written, HC is a really good way to make female friends in a fun and innovative setting,” said Novello.

If HerCampus piques your interest, you can follow @hcsacredheart on Instagram or attend their meetings on Tuesdays as they are always welcoming new students to be a part of the organization.

Isabel Haglund contributed to this article.

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