He Said She Said: Who Let The Dogs Out?


Dogs are probably one of the cutest animals you could have as a pet. Then again, animals are just adorable in
general. For the most part you can pet them, cuddle with them and they are great company.

Although my friend Anthony over there loves big dogs, I however love small dogs.

Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese, Poodles, Jack Russell Terrier, Chihuahua and
Corgis are all examples of amazing small dogs.

From their puppy dog eyes, adorable faces, their lovable affection, to their tiny little bodies, these dogs are sure to win over your hearts.

It’s adorable to see them waddle while they walk and look at you with their cute eyes like they worship you as their owner. I mean there is a reason why in “Legally Blonde’s” Elle Woods has a cute little pet Chihuahua in her purse almost at
all times.

Small dogs are great company, and have I mentioned they are so easy to carry if you have a bag with you.

Dogs like Maltese, Terriers and Corgis also can’t over power you if they get distracted and try to run away from you unlike most big dogs.

You don’t have to yank on their leash or even get pulled running after them because they are so small in size.

They are just so lightweight and easy to manage, who wouldn’t like to carry around a cute little puppy to kiss you.

In many cases can become a great accessory and perhaps even a great sidekick.

Now for the guys, there is a reason why girls love when guys have cute dogs with them. It shows people a different side of you that they normally do not get to see of you on a daily basis. It shows that you can be affectionate and sensitive which, to many females is a good quality.

Guys, if you have been trying to win over a girl this is the quality that might make females more attracted to you.

Even magazines like GQ and People are notorious for having male actors, models and artists pose with small dogs on their cover and spotlight stories. Photo editors from these magazines know what attracts people to read their publication.

If you also love to have a snuggle
buddy when you go to bed, small dogs will be the perfect size to wrap your arms around while you go to sleep.

They don’t take up your whole bed and will not fully wake you up if they roll around in the middle of the night. And if they do get into the wrong spot when you need to stretch out, you can just pick them up with one hand and move them.

They are a great pet to have when you are upset and need a little pick me up to get you through the tough times. They can see you cry when you want no one else to see you cry because you want to be alone.

Small dogs will not judge you, instead they will just cuddle and love you

Through times of breakups with your significant other, family troubles, stress from school or work, or from fights with your friends, they will always be there.

Whether you like small dogs or big dogs they will always keep you company no matter what.



For years people have been saying that dogs are a man’s best friends. I really like to say that a dog is anyone’s best friend.

Why dogs? Because they are so lovably awesome. My love for dogs started when I was a small child, probably somewhere around the age of five.

Like every other kid I wanted a dog to run around and play with. My mom was a big advocate for not having a dog and she made that very much known to me.

See, when my mom was a kid she had some bad luck with dogs. Throughout her being in elementary school and high school my mom went through eight dogs.

All of the dogs she had either died or ran away so for all the times I asked, the answer was no.

Naturally, all those times being told no just made me want dogs even more.

However I’m not writing here today to rant about my mother not loving me enough to get me a dog.

I’m here to talk about the different types of dogs, specifically, the sizes of dogs. Even though all dogs are cool, there are obviously some that are cooler than other.

For instance big dogs are so much more fun to have then small dogs. Actually now that I’m thinking about this, small dogs are the worst.

Tiny dogs such as Chihuahuas, Pomeranian’s, and Shih Tzus are pretty much useless to society.

First of all you can’t play with them cause their tiny and weird. Like one of my close family friends has a small Yorkshire Terrier and every time I went over there I had to be on high alert.

I literally had to walk while attentively watching the ground because I could easily crush this dog with my foot. I’m not going to lie, there were times when I didn’t pay attention and actually hit him. On accident of course, I did feel really bad after.

Sure I felt bad but like come on, this is just ridiculous. Not to mention smaller dogs need a lot more attention and care for.

I mean how can you even walk some of these tiny dogs. God forbid a hawk could very easily come down and scoop one up with ease.

Also, in my experience every tiny dog loves to bark at everything around it.

Probably because it’s so scared of everything since it’s so small.

Well I don’t know if you’ve ever heard a small dog bark but it is a high-pitched noise that is absolutely piercing to the ear.

Big dogs are a lot more fun to be around and you don’t necessarily need to care for them as much as small dogs.

I’m talking about breeds like Golden Retrievers, Bernese Mountain dogs, and Siberian Huskies. These dogs are bigger so they’re more likely to play a little rough, which is exactly what you should want.

My girlfriend has a Golden Retriever who weighs somewhere around 110 pounds. No lie, this dog is probably the top reason why I date her.

The dog is just so substantial compared to small dogs. He’s fun to run around with and just loves to play, which is something you don’t find in smaller dogs.

So there you have it folks. Get yourself a big dog and your life will be exponentially more amazing.

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