She Said: Christmas Decorations: How early is too early?

BY: Tessa Kielbasa

Photo Editor

Every year we all walk around stores and see the Christmas decorations being put out earlier and earlier. Even if you don’t go to the big department stores or the malls, random stores such as CVS and small businesses are just as big culprits as everyone else.

American consumerism makes the years go by much faster than necessary in a simple way. Holidays are pushed to seasons they have no business being in. It always seems like Christmas just happened because in the eyes of stores it did, and it is always right around the corner.

You start hearing the Christmas lay-a-way commercials over the summer and by that point there was just snow on the ground. No one has any respect for the other times of the years. It all comes down to how much money can companies make.

With the company’s manufacturing practices to create more and more revenue already, they push their Christmas sales to unnatural periods of the year. Halloween goods come out in July and Christmas starts in September. Stores straight up skip Thanksgiving.

How can you skip the day of stuffing and turkey?

The drive for profit and to sell more and more goods makes the retail businesses come up with creative ways to get people to their store. By bringing out the Christmas decorations and presents it plants a seed in people’s mind that they need to get their shopping done.

When they put their Christmas items out before the appropriate time, they are rushing the whole world into their timeline which is unnatural. Christmas belongs in December and not before.

Companies are messing up our internal clocks by saying Christmas is earlier than it is. Same thing goes for Halloween and Easter. Also, there are 12 days of Christmas not just one.

People really should remember the twelfth day of Christmas so they can get their drummers drumming. The way our society has it now, we only get the partridge in a pear tree.

The stores policies are trickling into families’ lives too. People used to wait to get their Christmas tree until right before the holiday. Now December 1 comes and people are completely decked out. Now I totally agree with getting in the Christmas spirit but don’t tear down any notion of Christmas the second the official holiday is over. It’s called the holiday season for a reason. 

While I understand people don’t wait to do Christmas shopping till December 23 like I do, shopping for it before Thanksgiving or any earlier is just ridiculous. Don’t go through all year thinking about the holiday season. Live your lives and enjoy the tulips blooming in the spring. Enjoy the sweltering summer heat.

In my family nothing Christmas like happens until the day after Thanksgiving, since that is when the Christmas season starts if you want to put a date on it.

My dad always makes us wait to get our Christmas tree until the week of or before Christmas depending on when it falls during the week because he loves the holiday as much as I do and we leave our tree up until almost New Years.

I love Christmas. Cheesy Hallmark movies, old Christmas music, combined with snow and Christmas Tree shaped Reese’s, it doesn’t get much better. However, the Christmas season starts the Friday after Thanksgiving and should not start a day before.

I respect the other holiday seasons enough to make Christmas wait its turn. I will be breaking out all my Christmas music this year on November 23, the official start of the season. Or as our capitalistic society has termed it, Black Friday.

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