She Said: Early Bird vs. Night Owl

BY: Maria Konstas

Contributor Writer

I would like to start off by saying that I am not an anti-night person. I love the nighttime, I just value the morning a bit more!

First off, I naturally wake up early in the morning. So, even if I did want to sleep in until the afternoon, my internal clock would not allow it. So I have adapted to the “early bird” lifestyle, and use it to my benefit.

During the school year, I run on an informal schedule. I have classes scattered throughout the day, but I’ve managed to set free time in the morning. Waking up early allows me to set time for self-care. My productivity for the remainder of the day is determined by how I spend my mornings.

I don’t have a specific morning routine that mimics “what a CEO would do before work.” I don’t check my emails or immediately start doing work! Rather, I do things that I enjoy in the morning, dedicating an hour or so to “me-time.” I usually set my alarm for 8 a.m. and slowly get up on my own time. I tend to stay in bed, reading or scrolling on my phone.

I can never start my day without coffee. Call me addicted, but the first sip of a morning coffee is one of my favorite things. Additionally, I am a relatively active person, so I prefer to go to the gym in the mornings. It provides me with the energy I need for the day. Regardless of what any “early bird” does in the morning: it is a time for self-care.

To give you another persepctive on morning-people: Huffpost released an article stating that Rottman Research Institute “found that morningness in both younger and older people was associated with greater experience of positive emotions.”

I find this relationship pretty interesting. The sunlight provides me energy. No hate on the dark, but I tend to be more productive with the sun out. Additionally,  working out in the mornings releases endorphines, so I feel better and gain energy. For me, sleeping in late causes grogginess and laziness. I feel that I’ve wasted a large chunk of my day and I am unable to take my sweet time in getting ready. Instead, I feel rushed and stressed.

So as you can imagine, and I hope fellow early birds can relate: I NEED MY MORNINGS, for mere survival (that may come off as dramatic, but it gets my point across). Waking up early allows you to set time to do activities that you may not have time to do if you sleep in. I cherish my mornings because they are my me-time. So, regardless of whether you prefer the morning or the night, make sure to dedicate self-care time into your day.

Shoutout to all my fellow early birds!

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