The Battle of the Music Apps

Student enjoying Pandora for a daily dose of music. Photo by Joseph Durante/Spectrum.
Student enjoying Pandora for a daily dose of music. Photo by Joseph Durante/Spectrum.

By Faye Kenijian

Staff Reporter

With so many music apps, how are you supposed to decide which one is the best to use?

Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and Amazon are different ways that Sacred Heart University students can obtain their music.

Some students enjoy Spotify because of how accessible it is and how it caters to a college student’s budget.

“The best part about Spotify is that I can download and listen to it on the go and that means I don’t have to worry about using data after spending the student price of $5 a month,” said junior Marissa Gurtler.

Spotify Premium, which is Spotify’s monthly paid option, has aspects that cater to the everyday college student. Without the student discount, Spotify Premium is $10 a month.

Spotify also has a free app that can be used on your phone, which is similar to the other free music app Pandora.

Both apps have set playlists that you can pick from. You can also pick your own playlist by searching an artist or genre.

After this, you do not have any control over your song choices or the amount of skips. To receive unlimited skips or no advertisements, the user must pay for the upgraded plan.

Apple Music is another app that some students are using as well. It is pre-installed in the iPhone and it could be used for $9 a month.

Apple Music does differ from iTunes. Apple’s iTunes is based on their users buying each song individually.

Some students prefer Apple Music because of its exclusive features and offers.

“I like using my Apple Music because it makes its own radio station that has new enjoyable music to listen to,” said junior Sabrina Sadler. “Also, since artists sign contracts with Apple Music, a lot of artists newest music comes out first on Apple music and this way, I can be the first person to hear an artists new songs with this app.”

Other students said that they use multiple music apps for their enjoyment.

“I use both Apple Music and Spotify because Spotify is more user friendly and easier to understand while Apple music is harder to maneuver,” said junior Julia Pencek. “That being said, I have both apps because it gives me the chance to have a wide range in my variety of music.”

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