She Said: Online vs. In-store Shopping

BY: Erica Condon

Asst. Perspectives Editor

Who doesn’t love the feeling of coming home to a package on your front steps? Every time I order new clothes online, I anxiously await for them to arrive at my doorstep. Being a Media Studies and Communications major, I have always been an avid user of different social media platforms and technologies. Online shopping has made huge steps lately, even causing some malls and department stores to shut down.

Although I do still shop in-stores sometimes, I find online shopping to be so much more convenient in my life. Whenever I need a new outfit for a special occasion, I just hop on my laptop from the comfort of my own house and browse through my favorite store’s websites. Online shopping has saved me so much time. I no longer need to drive to the mall, walk from store to store, and look through countless racks of clothes.

Some may say that online shopping is making people lazy, but personally, I find it to be such a convenient time saver. With the click of a few buttons and a couple minutes of scrolling through pages, I can find and order a whole outfit that would have taken me hours to find at the mall.

I also love to shop online for other things, too. I have a passion for photography, and I used to spend hours on end at CVS printing all my photos. But now, thanks to online shopping, I am able to send my photos to CVS for printing right from my laptop. Almost every week I go onto the CVS website, upload all my photos that I want printed and send them in. Then, I am able to stop by CVS on my own time and quickly pick up the photos. This process is so much easier for me and has saved me so much time. Additionally, as a college student, every semester I need to order textbooks and I refuse to ever buy my books from the school bookstore.

I have not only saved time, but I have saved so much money by ordering my textbooks online from Chegg is an online store where you can order and rent new or used textbooks for a much lower price than most bookstores. Also, let’s not forget about Amazon Prime, and the fact that students are able to be Amazon Prime members at a reduced price with a school email address. Amazon Prime is my best friend when it comes to last minute birthday gifts thanks to their free two-day shipping.

Whether I am shopping for pleasure, for school, or for friends and family, online shopping will always be my go-to. Online shopping has benefitted my hectic student lifestyle and my sometimes unnecessary shopping habits in so many ways. I will most definitely continue to browse my favorite shopping websites, find promo codes, and wait for my packages to arrive on my doorstep. Online shopping is always the way to go!

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