He Said: Domestic vs. International Travel: What is better?

BY Roberto Rojas

Perspectives Editor

You start to really understand how blessed you are with the opportunities and places you’re able to go when you get to a certain age. During younger years of traveling all you’re doing is enjoying the moment.

I had the privilege of going to many places in my life before the age of 21. Some familiar locations to many, while others are virtually (and literally) foreign.

During my life, I had the privilege to go to six countries and thirteen states across the United States. Which for myself as someone who has a strong passion for traveling, feels that is too low of a number. Despite it counting as a quarter of all the states in America. I feel that when you’re in a country as big as the United States, with all the sights and sounds that there is so much take in.

I’ve got my love for traveling from my dad, who has traveled and seen the world for a majority of his life. I too have felt that passion since beginning to traveling at a young age.

Of course, you’re speaking to someone who first traveled on an airplane at only six months old and has done so a lot over the last two decades. While I had the privilege of traveling abroad virtually all my life, I still feel that traveling across the country that you’re born and raised in is something unforgettable.

You can be in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago or any other major city and you feel that great vibe that perhaps isn’t found traveling internationally. The advantages of traveling across the country are that it’s safer, easier and faster. What I’ve found out that when you’re traveling to an international destination, you need a valid passport to go through customs as well as a visa at times. Also entering the country that you’re visiting, as well as to get back into the U.S can be tricky.

All of that is such a hassle that when you’re going to just another state. Be it on an airplane or even a car for that matter, all you need is your license to travel domestically and you’re all set! Also the language barrier is another factor. You’ll always be able to speak to someone in your native tongue in the United States, that may not be the case in other countries.

Access to other services is also easier due to the fact that you don’t have to rely on getting another phone provider for that said country. You’ll only be using the one you’ve had, meaning that getting Ubers, checking out certain locations to eat or enjoy the nightlife is right there in an instant.

I’ll end with this by saying that not many have the opportunity to visit different places around the world. We do have the opportunity to visit this immense, diverse nation. Be it traveling an hour by car to go to New York City or five on a plane to California, whatever it may be. I hope to travel to many more locations in my life and hopefully view this country in all its shining beauty.

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