Chi-O Goes to Chicago for Leadership Training

Two students with leadership positions within the Chi Omega sorority attended the 2024 Firesides Leadership Training. This training is specifically for members of Chi Omega and took place in Chicago over the weekend from Jan. 26-28.

The training has been on a consistent path of “educating our collegians and alumni since 1935. Over the course of time Chi Omega’s dedication to educating and supporting our Sisters has only grown more deeply rooted with every year that passes,” according to Chi Omega headquarters.

Morgan Craig, the sorority’s president, and Sydney Robinson, recruitment chair, were accompanied by recruitment advisor Jordan Hedeby to represent Sacred Heart University at the Firesides Leadership Training. The training was mandatory to attend for certain leadership positions, while the other positions could attend virtually.

The purpose of this training was to, “experience the encouragement and excellence of our Sisterhood as we learn from and with each other,” according to a document from Chi Omega regarding the Leadership Training.

Each of these trainings and workshops were focused on each individual’s leadership positions that attended the training in person.

Sophomore Sydney Robinson said, “I didn’t know what to expect when going into this training, but I learned so much about the mechanics of recruitment as well as how to be a leader and the concept of morale.”

The role of recruitment chair is to oversee the recruitment process, as well as planning and organizing all recruitment events alongside other leadership roles.

Robinson said, “I love it because it’s a good leadership role and you get to come up with creative ideas using people’s input from the chapter, as well as getting the chapter more involved.”

Because the training involved Chi Omega leaders from other universities, this allowed for intercollegiate connections to be formed. Robinson hopes to coordinate events with Chi Omega members from Quinnipiac University because of the relationship developed between the organizations at this event.

The Firesides Leadership training allowed Chi Omega sorority leadership members to learn more about themselves and their role in their chapter.

Craig said, “I feel that Firesides Leadership Training bettered me as a person and is helping to form me into the leader my chapter deserves.”

Although the training mostly had to do with leadership, there was a session that focused on the concept of values.

Craig said, “I am so thankful for the opportunity to reflect on myself. I learned a lot about myself and how to engage the chapter. I plan to use everything I learned to better my chapter and Executive Board.”

The president attended recruitment-based trainings, marketing sessions and workshops pertaining to Chi Omega’s rules and policies.

Craig said, “We learned a lot about the most effective way to market and interact with potential new members, as well as having the opportunity to bounce ideas off each other.”

Craig considers her role as president for the sorority an honor.

Craig said, “Being selected as the President of Chi Omega is hands down the best compliment I have ever received. To know that so many women believe in you and want you to be successful is so surreal.”

The Firesides Leadership Training has been held since 1935. Chi Omega members from different universities have consistently learned more about being leaders through this event.

Craig said, “I felt so lucky to represent Sacred Heart at this event. This really was a once in a lifetime experience, and I learned things that will benefit me throughout my entire life, not just in my leadership role.”

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