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The Communications and Media Arts program at Sacred Heart University built a new set in Studio B. This new set comes from the former General Electric headquarters, now Sacred Heart’s West Campus, which the university acquired in 2016.

Instead of getting rid of the set, the program decided to repurpose it and bring it to the Martire Building.

The set was once used by Lucky Duck Studios, who produced a number of shows on Nickelodeon. It is in great condition and was only used for three years.

Studio Manager and professor Keith Zdrojowy helped to acquire the new set for the studio.

“It was time for change,” Zdrojowy said. “The only cost of taking apart the set was for use of the rental truck.”

The set had to be taken apart, moved, and then reassembled in the Martire Building. Graduate Students in the Communication and Media Arts program helped with the process.

“This new set is very versatile [and it gave Studio B a] modern look,” said Gregory Golda, a professor in the Communications program. “The steel structures are flexible and easy changes can give the set a new look.”

Some of the main features of the set are lighting, new panels, and a backdrop system. The set provides more production options than were available in Studio A.

Junior Kyle Horsa, a Business major and a Communications minor, said, “I think it is a great addition to the Sacred Heart University’s communication program and I am excited hopefully I will use it sometime.”

The goal of the new set was to add more production options for the school. The new set is not just used for film production; the backdrops can also be used for photography.

The Studio B set is open to all Communications and Media Arts majors that attend Sacred Heart University and is currently being used by classes like TV Production I. To use the facility, you can reserve a time slot online.

“I did not know that the Studios were available for students,” said junior Reed Keller, a Communications major. “It is good to have more production options for the Communication program.”

Studio B was used recently by students from Notre Dame High School in Fairfield.

The SCMA program has no concrete plans in the future to change any more studios.

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