OPK Annual Showcase

By Charles Peacock

Staff Reporter

On Friday, February 15, Omega Phi Kappa (OPK) hosted their annual showcase in the Sacred Heart University Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts.

All proceeds from the event were donated to the fraternity’s philanthropy to help inner-city children with their education funds and, “personal development as individuals,” said Nicholas Frias, Director of Greek Life.

“This years showcase is an opportunity for us as an organization to jump start our fundraising season. Every brother has a fundraising requirement, so over thousands of dollars are expected to be raised in honor of OPK,” said Michael Stein, OPK’s President.

“We will be having multiple brothers showcasing their unique talents on stage,” said Stein.

The event was an open-performance talent show with performances from the brothers of OPK, students enrolled at Sacred Heart, as well as groups from the greater New York City area.

“The Omega Phi Kappa showcase event highlights that Greek life is more than just a social scene for students,” said Frias.

Students, faculty members, and the friends and family members of the performers all attended the showcase.

“It is always a great turnout!” said, Stein

Senior Anthony Orzo appreciated OPK’s dedication to their cultural background.

“Omega Phi Kappa’s event is a great way for them to show their cultural background, having been founded in February during black history month,” said Orzo.

“This event shows the pride they take in their diversity as a Greek life organization. It shows how people of different cultures, races, and ethnicities can collaborate as one in a fraternity.”

“This event is a reminder of the commitment to positive change members of the Greek community can do, especially through fun and engaging programs,” said Frias.

Frias encourages all of Sacred Hearts Greek social organizations to continue to promote their respective programs.

“These events highlight their overall mission, and it reminds the campus community and our local community that Greek social organizations are more than just social groups – they are filled with student leaders who are committed to making a change in the world around them,” said Frias.

This year’s showcase, which was dubbed the “Dream Showcase” in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., helped support Camp Hi-Rock, an organization with the goal of helping children to develop as individuals.

The camp’s development objectives are to remind them of their self-worth and, “encourage them to enter the world ready to make a change.” said Frias.

“I was glad to see everyone show love to a good organization and cause,” said senior member of OPK Kendall Clark.

Kendall was one of the many members of OPK who performed in the event.

“I chose to rap on stage. It was so much fun to perform for all the people that came out, but also nerve-wracking,” said Clark.

According to Stein, this fundraiser was brought back 3 years ago after a short hiatus.

“With such a great message and purpose behind the event, we look forward to continuing the tradition of this fundraiser,” said Stein.

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