Senior Week is Just Around the Corner

The registration for Senior Week has just closed on March 23 for packages, and April 8 for individual tickets. It will be taking place May 10-13 under the theme of “Viva Las Senior Week.”

“The first event we have during Senior Week is an overnight stay at Mohegan Sun Casino for an all-inclusive night. Even if you’re not interested in gambling, there’s still a nightclub called Avalon that is reserved only for the Class of 2022,” said Student Body President Gabriela Dos Santos.

“The second night is Stonebridge, the third day, we have the commencement ball, and on the fourth morning, we get a chance to meet with President Petillo and the Alumni Association,” she said. “To end the week, we have the Family Soiree, which gives the seniors a chance to introduce some of their college friends to their family.”

“This is a period to truly finalize our college experience and we will be living in Seton and Merton Halls in order to truly relive our freshman experience,” she said. “Even though I’ve been waiting for this week for four years, I still can’t believe I’m nearly 40 days away from it.” Although some students are very excited for these events, others are curious as to whether the price for these events are truly worth it.

According to the Sacred Heart website, there were two options available for seniors to choose from ranging from $500 to $450 with the additional option to buy individual event tickets rather than participating in the entire week.

However, senior Olivia Sheppard believes the price is reasonable for what you are getting out of it.

“As far as the ticket prices go, I think it’s worth it considering the experience,” said Sheppard. “When you think about the cost of booking hotel rooms at Mohegan Sun, reserving the nightclub, and more. I think it makes sense considering we won’t have to make any additional payments during the actual events, but I feel like it’ll be worth it.”

While some students may not be participating in senior week due to the price, the question arises of the actual number of seniors who will be celebrating.

“I believe there is a considerable amount of people who chose to participate in Senior Week,” said Dos Santos. “People may choose to participate or not for a variety of reasons, but I can’t speak for everyone since every person has a different reason to participate or not.”

With many upcoming plans set for May, some seniors are really looking forward to this last celebration with their classmates.

“I am most excited for the senior week trip to Mohegan Sun,” said senior Lauren Hunter. “It’s a place I’ve been to many times before, but I am excited to go there and make new memories there with my friends.”

Despite the exciting week ahead for seniors, many are still thinking about the little time left they have here at SHU.

“While I am definitely sad that graduation is soon, since college will be over, I am also very excited about starting my career, getting my own place and experiencing the world,” said Maguire. “The way I see it, this is only the end of chapter one.”

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