Spring Fest Carnival Comes to Curtis on April 27

With the academic year coming to a close, the Student Events Team (SET) is hosting its annual Spring Fest carnival that will take place in the Curtis Lot from noon to 6:00 p.m. on April 27.

SET is a group that organizes and runs activities and events that occur on campus. It is comprised of different committees that help campus events happen.

Kaitlyn Burrus, Director of Student Engagement and Involvement, explained the steps that go into planning an event like Spring Fest.

“Months of in-depth planning goes into making any event on campus, not just Spring Fest. We must ensure that contracts are reviewed, Town of Fairfield regulations are met, and ensure we have the appropriate staffing. This is all after communicating with vendors to build a contract for food or a service that is suitable for our events and finances,” said Burrus.

“It’s a lot of time and effort, especially with Spring Fest which is hosted by SET; they’re doing the legwork to make this happen for our students,” she said.

This will be the third consecutive year that SET has hosted the Spring Fest carnival and there are multiple activities included.

“We have carnival rides, a bunch of food trucks in store, we have some circus performers because we are making it carnival-themed,” said senior Molly Teeter, the current president of SET.

“Food trucks include Blue Chip Creamery, which is ice cream cookie sandwiches, we also have Taco Loco, a barbeque truck. There will also be cotton candy, popcorn, and then we will also have some giveaways in store so we have some tee shirts and promotional gifts to win,” said Teeter.

One change made to Spring Fest this year is that it is now themed.

“With this being our third year actually doing it, I definitely think we have gotten the hang of organizing it better. In terms of difference wise, we are actually bringing a theme to it this year. In the past, we have stuck to a color scheme but this year we are actually going full out with the whole circus theme,” said Teeter.

The carnival is on Saturday, but it isn’t the only event happening for SHU students the weekend before finals.

“Spring Fest has been a combination of a concert one night and then carnival the next. Quavo is kicking off our weekend down at the Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater on Friday night,” said Burrus.

Students don’t need to worry about the cost of food or games, as they can attend the Spring Fest carnival for free.

“There is no cost for students to attend Spring Fest. Students will be able to go on unlimited rides and will get tickets/ vouchers to use the food trucks. Additional food can be purchased by students once their tickets run out,” said Burrus.

While this is only year three of Spring Fest, there is no intent on switching up the tradition moving forward.

“We plan to always host Spring Fest! However, we acknowledge that students’ interests are always changing so we will be sure to keep it exciting and something to look forward to,” said Burrus.

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