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The M. Theresa Martinez Catholic Studies Scholarship was created for those working towards a minor in Catholic Studies at Sacred Heart University. In order to receive the grant, students must show exemplary performance in and out of the classroom.

The grant is awarded in honor of the late M. Theresa Martinez, a graduate of Sacred Heart University, who showed her strong devotion to Catholic Studies and the notion of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.

“It’s an interdisciplinary field of study, focusing on Catholic thought across many different disciplines,” said Dr. Loris, the Chair for the Department of Catholic Studies.

The three students: juniors, Cameron Kemmer and Erin Curley, and senior, Christina Cerreta, were awarded this scholarship last semester. They were chosen for their outstanding grades, campus involvement and community work.

After graduating, M. Theresa Martinez continued and completed her 6th year Education degree, earning her masters. And then went on to spread her efforts through her various humanitarian work and professional life. The scholarship underscores her long avocation to engaging Catholic thought across the disciplines and to fostering the development of young people’s minds and hearts.

“I wanted to have a deeper connection with God and I figured by taking these religion classes I could reach enlightenment with my faith,” said senior Christina Cerretta.  “I believe that having this minor and being a science major could allow people to tighten the gap between science and religion.”

Curley was involved in the SHU Journey Catholic Scholars Summer Institute, which was a week-long volunteer summer camp, where half the day was spent volunteering in the community and the other half in a CIT. Along with her summer program, she is a part of the Peer Ministry Team on campus.

“This minor is important to me because it is something that interests me in my own life. It is something I genuinely enjoy learning about. I hope to be involved in some way with campus ministry in my future and I think this minor just helps me get there also.”

Kemmer is very connected to his faith and education. “This minor to me is another way to profess my faith,” said junior Cameron Kemmer. “I am a very faithful person and I believe that this is a topic that most people don’t understand. I think it connects me more to my faith and helps me see things in a different light and with a different mindset.”

Studnets interested in applying for the scholarship should contact Dr. Michelle Loris at 203-396-8020, or

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