Surviving the Quarantine

Amy Petrovich
Staff Reporter

Amid this pandemic, finding the motivation to be productive day-in and day-out is becoming a struggle. It seems that every day consists of the same things; sleep, eat, do homework, watch Netflix, work out and repeat.  

Despite the long days that drag on, I have found a few ways to give myself a sense of purpose. Whether it be a small task that can be finished quickly (such as doing my laundry) or full-day project (like cleaning out my closet), keeping busy has been my goal during this time.  

Lately I have been starting my days off by setting an alarm and doing an outdoor run or workout just to get some fresh air. It has really helped to not only keep me active, but to keep me sane as well, as time outside is becoming more and more limited.  

I have also started to take nightly walks with my family and doing puzzles as well. In a time like this, staying close with my family and trying our best not to drive each other crazy is the main goal in my house. 

Despite those things that I am doing at home to stay busy, I begin to think about my father, who is considered essential personnel for his company. This means that when his company tells him he has to go into work to complete something, he must do it. 

While he is in nowhere near the danger that the brave healthcare professionals are in daily, it is still a nerve-racking to know that someone close to you has the possibility of being exposed. 

This is a worry that thousands of families are facing across the world and shows that those who are considered essential are not affected alone, but rather all those that are connected to that person.  

Although the end seems to be nowhere in sight, trying to live each day to the fullest, getting outdoors and staying productive are the ways that I am getting through this. Stay healthy and safe!  

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