The Results Are In: New Faces of Student Government

Sacred Heart University’s Student Government fall elections took place on Sept. 14. Voting closed that night, and the newly elected students were notified on Sept. 15 of their new positions.

“I’m extremely hopeful for the newly elected. They have been so ambitious in the election process and were so eager to get started. They were already so passionate. It has been less than a week and they have already stepped up,” said Student Government President, senior Megan Clifford.

Clifford was elected as president in Spring 2023 and has been a part of Student Government since her freshman year. As Student Government president, Clifford oversees all of the class presidents and works with them to represent the student body’s needs and wants out of their college experience.

“After three years of being in Student Government I’ve come to love this organization and it has been such an amazing part of my college experience. It inspired me to be the leader I was able to look up to as a freshman,” said Clifford

Freshman Class President Eva Fontes is a part of the newly elected.

“I have always loved Student Government and the idea of being a leader,” said Fontes.

Fontes believes Student Government is an important club to be in.

“Student Government promotes leadership and citizenship. We want to hear what students have to say and we want everyone to have a voice,” said Fontes.

With her experience of being Vice President of her high school, she has hopes to not only unite the class of 2027, but to also make the university a better place, along with the help of her board.
“My dedication will help me lead the board to bonding the class. I wish to use Student Government as a way to enhance the experience for every pioneer,” said Fontes. Another newly elected student is senior Ciara Mooney, who was encouraged by a friend to run for Senior Traditions Board Chair. “I thought about applying in years past, but I was taking too many credits. I saw the position open again and I thought it was the right place and time. I finally had enoughtime to commit to it, so I thought I might as well go for it,” said Mooney.

Mooney’s position includes planning pub nights and themes. “Pub nights are a senior tradition. As senior traditions chair, it is important to keep people happy and be a part of making the senior class’ last memories at SHU,” said Mooney.

This year, Student Government has a goal to build more connections on campus with different departments whether it be the Multicultural Center or student accessibility.

“We hope to better the SHU community as a whole,” said Clifford.

“Student Government is important to campus. We are the liaison between students and administration. We represent the students to administration. Whatever students need to make their college experience better for them, we are here,” said Clifford.

An upcoming Student Government event is Fall Fest on Oct. 14. Student Government is collaborating with the Student Events team and the theme is “Larger than Life.”

“Unfortunately, I can’t give away too much about Fall Fest, but there will be larger scale activities for all the students to do. We hope to see everyone there,” said Clifford.

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