The Suite Life of Students at the Guest House

For the first time ever, Resident Success Assistants (RSAs) are being housed in Sacred Heart’s Guest House on West Campus along with first-year students. 

West Campus, home to the Jack Welch College of Business & Technology, is also home to the Guest House. Currently, it houses approximately 46 to 48 residents and three RSAs. 

“As an RSA at the Guest House I get a very unique opportunity. Every building comes with their own challenges and attributes and we’re all navigating what those look like for our building to do the best we can. I lived off campus my freshman year so I know first-hand what it’s like to feel the distance and crave community; that’s been my first priority for all of my residents,” said junior RSA Kayla Colon.

Due to a larger first-year class, the Guest House is currently being used as temporary housing. While students may not be living directly on the main campus, Sacred Heart University has provided similar amenities in the Guest House that other first-year dorms have to make the residents feel as at home as possible. 

“Being an RSA in the Guest House, especially for my first year as an RSA, has definitely been a unique and sometimes unideal experience, but it’s also been incredibly fun and I’m super grateful to be thoroughly enjoying every minute of the journey. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. I’m glad I have still been able to help freshmen adapt to SHU, especially living in a different dorm than Roncalli, Merton or Seton like their peers,” said sophomore RSA Elleahna Anderson.

According to Sacred Heart, all rooms have new University furniture that includes two standard twin beds, two desks, two desk chairs, two dressers and a refrigerator. Guest House residents also enjoy exclusive access and amenities in the café, game room and all-new pantry. The pantry will offer 24/7 access to complimentary snacks and drinks Monday through Friday. 

Nick Meachen is the Senior Resident Success Assistant (SRSA) of the Guest House, and AD Sales Manager for the Spectrum. “It’s definitely a lot more to take on but the RSAs in Bergoglio, Guest House, and Roncalli have all been doing their part which makes my job a whole lot easier. I’m really impressed with how the RSAs have been able to roll with the punches,” said Meachen.

As for the commute, Guest House residents & RSAs are provided with SHUttle service to and from campus. With a SHUttle stop about 100 feet from the entrance to the Guest House, SHUttles run continuously with two separate shuttle routes. 

“My commute to class has improved my time management skills to say the least. Waiting and taking the shuttle gives me a chance to sit with my residents and have conversations I wouldn’t have the opportunity to without it,” said Colon.

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