100 Days Until the Rest of our Lives

Last Thursday felt pretty much like every other Thursday before it. Generally speaking, that’s how most Thursdays are —unremarkable, except for the anticipation of the much-needed break that the upcoming weekend promises to deliver. Nevertheless, despite having to endure the rigors of a hectic schedule, surprisingly, the weekends roll around rather quickly.  I’ve often caught myself thinking, “Wow, it’s Thursday already?” They sneak up on you, and this past one was no different.  In fact, it really caught me by surprise and for reasons, quite frankly, I didn’t see coming!  

I was winding down the hustle and bustle of yet another long work week, when I was taken aback by an influx of social media posts announcing that for the Sacred Heart University class of 2022 there were officially just 100 days until graduation! I’ve got to say, it made me take a pause. Suddenly, I felt time slipping through my hands and I wanted to tap on the brakes. I guess my fellow classmates felt the same. 

That evening, seniors seemingly dropped whatever plans they had and congregated at ‘Red’s’ to toast not only the memories we shared these past four years, but to acknowledge our final 100 days as Pioneers. Honestly, it was bittersweet. 

The stark realization of where we actually were on the timeline of our college experience really hit hard that night.  I couldn’t help but think how significant it was that we should gather on a ‘Thursday’ —most of the work now behind us, along with most of the memories.  

With our heads down and noses to the grindstone, the days and, hence, the years have flown.  Already, it’s a proverbial Thursday. 

It’s that same feeling when you are so close to the weekend you can taste it, and although you still have a few hurdles to get through before you can celebrate, you’re well on your way to that finish line.

And so, we start to anticipate the reprieve of the weekend, or in this case, the culmination of those irreplaceable moments and valuable experiences that made up our last four years —the ones that tell the world we’ve accomplished what we came here to do. 

100 days until we exhale and revel in our accomplishments proudly receiving our hard-earned diplomas. And then, for a short while, we can bask in the glow of graduation Saturday.  Yet, just like any ordinary weekend, it too will pass quickly essentially paving the way for the new ‘week ahead’ —and whatever new challenges and opportunities that may bring.

It’s a melancholy feeling, but it’s wrapped in so much hope for what is to come. 

In one hundred days we, as a collective, will close one door and open another. And behind this next door lies the rest of our lives. So, as a fellow graduate of the class of 2022, I guess all I can say is that I hope we all make the most of each of these last hundred days; cherish them —because before you know it, it’ll be Thursday again…

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