A Few Words From Dr. Petillo

Dear class of 2021,

Four years ago, many of you entered here nervously, yet hungry for this new beginning. In but a few days, we will gather together to celebrate your academic achievements and so much more.

I would like you to reflect on everything you have become—even beyond your books and your grades. Consider the changes you have made in your interactions, your understandings and your dreams. I am confident, if you are honest with yourself, that during these past four years you have matured, you have become more patient and empathetic, and you have prepared yourself for your future.

I encourage you to never lose sight of your experiences here. I hope we have taught you that your life is not static but is an ongoing journey. Travel it wisely and fully. Discover. Explore. Engage. Continue to be curious. Let your journey be filled with opportunities to reflect on the wonders God has placed before you.

Fellow Pioneers, be bold and always know this is your home away from home. Enjoy your life’s travels, but come back often.

John J. Petillo, Ph.D.

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