Good to Be Back

When the pandemic came along two years ago sending us all to our homes, I admittedly was faced with “the pandemic blues”. 

Locked away in my house, I found myself listening to one song on repeat I had heard on what ended up being my last in-person day of high school. “Sunday Best” by Surfaces is a song that I blast everywhere; in my headphones, in my car and even in my room. 

I would sing, probably very badly, at the top of my lungs and just dance like no one was watching in something that made me look like I was “Random Dancing” on iCarly. 

This one song sparked a fire between me and my friends, and although we couldn’t see each other in person, we began sharing playlists and song suggestions. We would recommend a song or an artist we had heard. 

Music is truly what got me through the pandemic, and when the opportunity came to hear the musicians on our playlists in person, we jumped at the offer. 

To be back at a concert again, filled with people all singing the same words that you would belt in the shower, is truly an amazing experience. 

The house lights go down, the band starts playing and the stage lights shine bright.

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