I Don’t Scream for Ice Cream…I mean Frozen Yogurt

By Christian Colon

Co-Copy Editor

As a sophomore in high school I decided that it was time to get a job. I was still in that stage of my life where my parents had to drop me off everywhere I went. They supplied everything I wanted. Not that I was spoiled, but you get what I am trying to say. I was completely dependent on my parents. I felt that it was time for me to start making my own money.

I went to school in New Haven, Conn. My high school was in the downtown area so I was next to a lot of businesses and banks. One day after school my friend and I were walking through the city. We saw a sign that said “Now Hiring, Coming Soon.”

We stopped, looked at each other and quickly Google searched the name of the place.

The place was called Go Greenly. It was a frozen yogurt shop that only used eco-friendly products. In just a few weeks my friend and I went through the application process and on opening day we were working behind the counter saying, “Would you like a free sample?”

It was a typical frozen yogurt shop. I cut strawberries, mangos and even made smoothies. It was actually pretty cool. I welcomed customers and like I was also in charge of holding the sample cups. For your information, frozen yogurt bosses get really, really upset if they see customers serving themselves a sample cup.

After working a busy summer and welcoming hundreds of Yalies, aka Yale University students, my time at Go Greenly was coming to an end.

I had an awesome time working with one of my closest friends. It was our first jobs and we were together. Teenage dreams came true.

So one day I decided to call out. After wanting to go with my family to New York, I decided to call out for my early Saturday shift and instead head to the city for a family trip.

Like a responsible employee I contacted my manager and told him I wasn’t able to work on Saturday. Three hours later, it was over.

The message read something a long the lines of, “Don’t come back.”

I have no idea what the message actually read, but the reason he gave for not wanting me to come back was because I called out 23 hours in advance, not 24.

I remember that when I read the message to my mom, she flipped out. She quickly called the place and started yelling at the manager. Typical overprotective mom, am I right?

I believe that this is my first time confessing, in writing, about getting fired from Go Greenly, the frozen yogurt shop. Overall, it was a lesson well learned.

Luckily, the same staff wasn’t there when I visited the place a few years after that. That encounter would have been awkward.

Yet, even after all that, they still have the best frozen yogurt in the area.

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