Once a Pioneer, Always a Pioneer

Class of 2021… definitely an interesting time to be a senior, to say the least. With graduation being around the corner, it is insane to think about how fast the last four years have gone by. 

Graduating high school four years ago, I had no idea what Sacred Heart University would bring me. However, I was sure that it would be an amazing new chapter opening, and that is exactly what it has been. 

I have grown so much as an individual and I never even saw it coming. All I know is that I was nervous because I did not know what was to come. Now, it has been four years and I am feeling that same feeling all over again. Another chapter is closing, while another is opening in this book called Danielle Davanzo’s life.

As it is very bittersweet to end this chapter of my life, I just want to give one piece of advice to all of my fellow Pioneers. Enjoy every moment and do not take it for granted. Yes, even the stress of finals week, the long lines at Linda’s, and the hunger games we call registration. Take in every little moment, the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the exciting, and the stressful times, because in the end, you are going to want to hit the rewind button and live it all over again. 

At least that is the button I want to click right now. The one thing that reassures me as this chapter closes is that great things lie ahead. Sacred Heart has always reassured us that we are destined for greatness. Opportunities and experiences are out there waiting for us, and we will accomplish all we set our minds and hearts to. 

I am glad to have chosen the perfect school for me when I was 17 because I could have never imagined the last four years anywhere else. I mean, what’s better than being a Pioneer, right? 

I am thankful for all of the ups and the downs over the last four years that have brought me to this point in my life. They say everything happens for a reason, so even if you are being pushed and pulled along the way, I guess it is meant to be. 

Finally, I just want to say thank you to my family, friends, professors, and organizations I have been a part of. Without all of the people who have impacted my life here, it would not have been the same and I would not be the same. 

Thank you, Sacred Heart, for opportunities that have changed my life, lifelong friends, and memories that will last me a lifetime. Once a Pioneer, always a Pioneer, Roll Pios.

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