The Rewarding Work of a Student Ambassador

My dad has been a guidance counselor for over 20 years, which means I have visited many more colleges and universities than the average young adult. In fact, I have kept a running list and the number is well over 30. And although they have not all been official visits, I have taken more than my fair share of tours.

I had always admired how informative and passionate our tour guides were. When I took my first official tour of Sacred Heart’s campus in August of 2018, I fell in love with the school. I had always been interested in the school and the possibility of playing Division I soccer while pursuing a degree in Communications, but I never realized how perfectly the school checked all my boxes.

I was so grateful for the upperclassman on the soccer team who showed me around that day after the ID Clinic, because she made me realize that this is my dream school. When I received my official acceptance to Sacred Heart in December of that year, I was ecstatic about all the opportunities and memories that I would have on our beautiful campus.

I knew I wanted to help high school students find their second home and the perfect fit for their next four years just as SHU did for me.

Once I was a sophomore, I learned the proper name is student ambassador. I did not get an interview the first time, so I reapplied as a junior and this time was accepted to work with

Undergraduate Admissions. I could not wait to show prospective students my school and help them decide if Sacred Heart is the best place for them.

I have been reflecting on my first semester as a student ambassador and I can truthfully say that I really enjoyed the people I have met and the work that I have done.

The training was extensive and the information at first appeared overwhelming, but I feel that I have grown to love my school even more for it. I have learned more than I thought I would ever know about Sacred Heart and I’m pretty sure I’ll have the routes memorized forever.
My fellow ambassadors and the employees at Curtis Hall have made me enjoy coming to work during the week and on the weekends. They share my passion for helping others and for showcasing our school to future Pioneers. I am thankful that I get to work with such understanding, hardworking, and good-hearted people.

The work of a student ambassador is not for everyone. There are long hours, very cold shifts, and sacrifices that must be made in order to make the commitment. But the work is exceptionally rewarding.

I feel proud when I receive compliments from families and accomplished when students tell me that they plan to come back. And my heart is filled with happiness when I hear that someone has found a love for Sacred Heart after coming on tour with me.

Right before we left for winter break, I received a letter from a student who I took on a tour. They hand wrote me a thank you card, saying how I turned SHU from just another name of their list to their number one choice. They fell in love with all the aspects of our school that I did; the ones I pride myself on emphasizing to everyone else.

They said they were dying to come here and to one day call Sacred Heart their school as I have called it my school.
During my most recent shift when I received this letter, I was also informed that they had just been accepted into the university.

There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that you made a positive impact in someone’s life and that you have been helped to make your dream school another person’s dream, too.

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