Thank You, Spectrum

More than 40 Sunday Evenings, Monday Mornings, Tuesday Meetings and Issues.

The Spectrum Board has been made up of so many kind people during my time here. We found a way to laugh through the struggles and find solutions to problems we never knew existed. We have celebrated each other through new stages of our college careers and watched one another pursue our post-grad dreams! And while I am not graduating…yet… the day has come. My last Issue.

I can guarantee that I would have regretted it if I had listened to the little voice in my head that told me that I wasn’t qualified enough to be the Photo Editor’s Assistant in October of 2021. If Prof. Kabak and Maisy Carvalho ‘22 had accepted my decline to their offer of being the Photo Editor Assistant, I would have missed out on so many experiences to meet new people, take on new roles and grow my self-confidence.

I am grateful to have been a part of a program that gives such independence to a team of students. It provided me with a platform to learn and lead simultaneously. In my time, I have led four wonderful photo teams while reorganizing the way that the photo section runs. I hope that this small contribution to the paper provides fluidity and lasting simplicity for the Board.

Colin, when I decided to step down from this position, one of my priorities was to leave the Photo Section with someone I could trust. This has been my baby for the last two years and I am completely confident that you will do nothing but amazing, creative, and eye-catching things with it! Sam and Bella, you are both so reliable and I am comforted to know that you will be there to help Colin as his assistants!

Mia, your endless dedication to everything that you do is truly inspiring and I will miss spending our Monday mornings together. Rob, I have never met someone with so much poise and genuine care for others. Brendan, you manage to make every situation feel more manageable and lighthearted. And to Prof. Kabak, thank you for not letting me sabotage myself from this

position because I didn’t think I was good enough for it and thank you for always making me feel like I was more than capable!

Best of luck to all of the board members and staff! Thank you for being you!

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