The Dining Hall Escape

As I approach my last semester at Sacred Heart University, I’d like to reflect on all I have learned, the people I have met, and the places I’ve discovered here in Connecticut. 

I lived on campus for two years, and as a senior, my friends and I still enjoy the dining halls and the social aspect of the university. However, whether you have family visiting for parents’ weekend and homecoming, or you and your friends just want an excuse to dress up and take the SHUttle or car off campus for the day, Connecticut has so many options for delicious restaurants. You do not even need to stray far from campus. 

Sometimes as a group it’s hard to decide what to eat, so why just pick one palette of food! The Sitting Duck Tavern in Trumbull, Conn., is next door neighbors with Sacred Heart’s campus and has a wide variety of food that ranges from burgers, to seafood, to wings, to tacos! 

Along with the Sitting Duck, there is The Chelsea, The Sinclair, Old Post Tavern, and Metro Kitchen and Bar, all in Fairfield, Conn., which is only 15 minutes away. The atmosphere and wide variety of food options at these restaurants are what make them great options for a group dinner. 

Lastly, a little farther away is Spotted Horse Tavern in Westport, Conn. Spotted Horse is 20 minutes from campus; however, the food is great and even if you have to wait for a table, you can walk through the beautiful town of Westport and shop around to make the time go faster!

There is nothing like a homecooked Italian meal, and just because you are at your home away from home doesn’t mean you have to lose that. Neighbors to campus and The Sitting Duck Tavern is Romanacci in Trumbull, Conn., with a warm atmosphere, delicious Italian food, and gourmet pizzas! 

For a fancier option right in Fairfield, there is Molto. Molto is great for a special occasion with family and friends!

When you want to spice things up for dinner, Connecticut does not disappoint! Geronimo Tequila Bar and Southwest Grill and Malibu in Fairfield are my two personal favorite places to grab some tacos and have a change of atmosphere only 15 minutes from campus. 

Last on my list are two Pan-Asian styled restaurants also in Fairfield, Conn. Wild Rice is the perfect restaurant to go to for a much-needed sushi night, and even for the non-sushi eaters in your family or group of friends, they have a wide variety of Pan- Asian foods. 

Next is Mecha Noodle Bar which has ramen, pho and other Pan-Asian noodle dishes to choose from. 

All these restaurants have been some of my favorites in my last four years and are just another reason as to why Sacred Heart will always feel like my home away from home.

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