Why I Am Not A Dog Person

By Christina DiMauro

Asst. Features Editor

If you were to ask anyone about me, they’ll most likely tell you how much I love cats. I’ve always loved animals, but I am not a dog person. It’s not that I hate dogs, how could anyone hate dogs? I just happen to have a deeper affection for cats.

You are probably thinking I’m crazy. You also probably think I’ve had a bad experience with one dog and that’s why I don’t like them.

The truth is, cats are my type of animal. I relate with their personalities more and they are easier to care for.

Arriving home after a long day, both animals may come running to the door. However, the difference between a dog and a cat is that the dog will bark and jump on you. Your cat probably wants to be petted once or fed and they will go back to their own business.

How many times do you have to bathe a cat?

Most likely never, maybe once in a tomato bath if a skunk sprays it. The best part about a cat is that they’re self-groomers.

A dog’s scent is distinct and stands out; soon everything you own starts smelling like dog.

Do you know what’s worse than your dog’s regular scent? Wet dog smell. It’s the worst.

If there is one thing I don’t like about dogs at all, it’s the incessant licking. I understand that’s their way of showing affection, but there is nothing worse than feeling a dog’s wet, rubbery and sponge-like tongue brush against your skin.

Did you know it’s easier to dance with a cat than with a dog?

I often find myself picking up my cat and dancing around my living room and he will just accept it after a minute or two. No matter the size of the dog, they are probably the most difficult pets to dance with.

Cats can make toys out of anything: a shoelace, a piece of yarn or even a piece of raw spaghetti. This will entertain them until they get tired.

On the other hand, dogs need to be entertained with items you buy at a pet store, such as frisbees, balls or ropes. You might be able to trick them with a stick every once in a while, but dogs need a variety of toys accompanied by a lot of attention.

Cats don’t need to go on walks. I dare you, try putting a cat on a leash and taking it for a walk.

Cats like to bring you treats, and by treats I mean the mouse you didn’t know was living in your basement. They’re natural born hunters and they keep your house clean of any unwanted outsiders.

At the end of the day both dogs and cats love to cuddle with you on the couch. They are also good at giving affection when you need it most and will always have an unconditional love for their owner.

Even though dogs might hold a small place in my heart, deep down I will always be a cat lady.

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