Are AirPods The Newest Craze at SHU?

BY: Ally Plezia

Staff Reporter

Do students think that Apple AirPods are worth the price and the hype? For sophomore Danielle Minervini, she thinks that AirPods are the newest craze at SHU.

“AirPods have become a trend not only at Sacred Heart University, but basically all over the place. You will find people wearing them in the halls, in the library, and all over social media,” said Minervini.

Apple released the AirPods on Dec. 16, 2016. AirPods are wireless earbuds that charge themselves in a compact case. According to Apple, the starting price for a pair of AirPods is $159.

Junior Anthony Smith believes that AirPods are a great pair of earbuds.

“I love my AirPods. They connect automatically and the earbuds themselves have no buttons. They even pause themselves when one of the AirPods is taken out of your ear. I love that there are absolutely no wires involved with AirPods. Wires can only cause struggle, and often wires get all tangled up together,” said Smith. “Also, the AirPods are so small and take up barely any space.”

According to Apple, the AirPods have the power of a 24-hour battery life.

“The battery life on the AirPods is great. It makes my life a whole lot easier that the AirPods case charges the earbuds on-the-go,” said sophomore Julianne Minervini. “Especially when I’m in between classes and don’t have time to sit and charge my earbuds, it’s nice not having to plug them in every few hours.”

Apple AirPods are being used by many Sacred Heart students. With jokes that have gone viral on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, other students wonder if Apple’s new wireless earbuds are really worth the “hype.”

“I love the AirPods,” said senior Kyle Carmona. “I just wouldn’t recommend them because the earbuds are so easy to lose. If you lose one, then you won’t be able to use them at all. I just think it’s a very risky purchase.”

Students like sophomore Julia Antonacci, think that the AirPods aren’t worth the $159 price.

“Although AirPods are comfortable and easy to use, I am just as happy with my original Apple earphones that are not wireless. There are plenty of other wireless headphones on the market which have better sound and microphone quality that are worth more than the $160 that you would spend on AirPods,” said Antonacci. “I just don’t see what the hype is all about.”

Some students like junior Christopher Quigley prefer to buy headphones from other name brands.

“I’m not going to lie, I thought they were pretty cool when I saw a bunch of people wearing them around campus. Bluetooth headphones with no wires, and it’s an Apple product?! What more could I want? When I went to try them on, I was so dissatisfied by not only their extreme discomfort, but more importantly their poor quality of sound,” said Quigley.

“Instead of following my initial desire to buy Apple AirPods, I invested a bit more and purchased the Bose Quiet Comfort II Noise Cancelling headphones,” said Quigley.

However, junior Chrysa Georgioudakis is overall pleased by the Apple AirPods.

“My AirPods have been so easy to store and access when needed, simple to connect, and have a great quality of sound. I used to always find myself untangling wires and now I can simply just open a box and listen,” said Georgioudakis. “This product is probably the first in a while that I believe is really worth the hype.”

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