How COVID-19 Has Impacted Student’s Internships

By Rienna Flores
Staff Writer

Some students at Sacred Heart University were in the midst of their internship programs and many others had plans to take on an internship for the summer. Due to COVID-19, many internships have been postponed, cancelled and moved online because of the pandemic.

Junior Julia Kukulka’s internship at an engineering company has been put off until further notice. She says this has been stressful.

“As a business major, I need to go through an internship for credit in order for me to graduate and without this opportunity it puts me in a difficult situation, so I only have one more year left,” she said.

Kukulka said she was filled with excitement for this internship because it would have given her the chance to see what it’s like to be the accountant she hopes to one day become. She continues to hope for the chance to experience real-life decisions that an accountant would have to make.

Junior Jenny Koski said that she is upset about her internship recently being cancelled.

“I feel overwhelmed because now I have to find another one and I’m not sure if I can based on this pandemic we’re dealing with. I hope they give out extensions at least. I’m hoping to find a paid internship in Connecticut for business management, but it’s been difficult,” said Koski.

Junior Victoria Jordan, who is hoping to work in the medical field, said that her internship was postponed due to the coronavirus.

“It’s kind of unfair because I was working with a doctor for a little before things got bad and he sent me home until further notice. I was excited to do this internship because I want to get more experience in the field I’d like to go into, of course,” said Jordan.

Similar to Jordan, nursing student junior Mary Lattarulo’s internship has been postponed and even possibly cancelled due to COVID-19.

“It is frustrating, but I understand that it is being done for my safety as well as for the safety of others. I was genuinely excited to do this internship as I do hope to gain more experience and new information for the field I’m going into,” said Lattarulo.

For senior Sydney Santos, her internship has been moved online. Originally she was working in an office, but currently she’s been working from home with a nonprofit organization called “Live Girl.”

As a communications student seeking work in the public relations and marketing field, she said this was the right place for her to be.

“I was genuinely excited the first month of the semester when everything was normal; I had a routine and an office to go to. I’m still getting work to do at home, but it’s not the same as seeing the women I work for every week in the office,” said Santos.

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