Darties or Parties?

By: Laura Green

Staff Reporter

Do you prefer darties or parties? For senior Brandon Asgeirsson, the vote is for darties.

“Honestly, I just love darties. I love being outside with all my friends by the lake listening to music and just hanging out. The weather puts everyone in a great mood,” said Asgeirsson. A darty is a party thrown during the day. The word darty is a portmanteau of “day” and “party.” Darties are very popular across the country on many college campuses. Junior Judena Cristino not only likes darties because of her friends, but because of the weather.

“Usually when I go out I go to parties in a house and it just gets so hot and is really crammed,” said Cristino. “I love darties because being outside is so much nicer than being crammed in a basement.” In addition, another reason some students prefer darties is because they feel better the next day.

Sophomore Denise Brito said, “I like darties a lot more because after going out I can come home and sleep and I will feel fine the next day. Usually when I go out at night I don’t get back until late and the next day I feel tired.” However, while some students love darties, others do not.

“I’d rather go to a party at night than to a darty, because after darties, I never want to go out later. I always feel weird for the rest of the night. I do like being able to hang out outside though. That is the only plus of darties,” said junior Chris Walsh.

Junior Ana Wolkenstein enjoys darties, but only in certain situations.

“I do like darties a lot, but I do not like when they are too big because then the cops come and it really kills the whole mood,” said Wolkenstein. “I like when they are medium- sized and later in the day so it is not too hot. The one plus of darties is you get really cute Instagram pictures.” Although some students prefer darties, junior Mateo Parych would rather go to the bar than either a party or darty.

“I like bars the most because I like the setting and everyone being in one place. I like being able to have a place to hang out with friends that is not someone’s house,” said Parych.

“Once I turned 21 and was able to go to bars, I started to like them a lot more. A lot of my friends go to bars too, and not really house parties.” Other than darties being a highlight of spring, many students feel that the spring weather changes the overall campus feel.

Junior Nicole Amalifitano said, “I love when it turns to spring because everyone gets in such a better mood. The campus seems a lot livelier. Everyone goes outside in the quad. Some of my best memories from SHU are during the spring, hanging out with my friends at the beach and going to darties.”

Additionally, junior Caitlin Herbert feels that spring makes people excited for summer to come.  “Spring is great on campus because everyone is in great moods. Everyone hangs outside and plays music. I think everyone is getting excited for summer, so spring is just a great time on campus.”

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